Ergonomic Furniture and Accessories to Help Relieve Back Pain: Standing Desks, Adjustable Chairs, and More

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Has back pain become a common occurrence at the end of the day? Do you constantly feel unable to function at your best because of the pain and discomfort? If the pain is caused by your sedentary lifestyle—prolonged sitting at work and lack of activity—it’s time to consider redesigning your workspace to make it more ergonomic.

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First things first: ergonomic furniture

Do you have the right office chair? Is your office chair adjustable enough to support your body in various positions? Make sure that you have an ergonomic desk chair to support you as you work.

Also check the desk you are using. Do you still have a traditional fixed desk in your space? If you do, then consider an adjustable standing desk as a replacement. This will help you upgrade your sedentary lifestyle to a sit-stand lifestyle, one characterized by more standing and movement to stimulate your back muscles and prevent pain.

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Eliminate back pain with ergonomic accessories

Once you have taken care of the basics (the standing desk and ergonomic chair), it’s time to think about the add-ons you need to optimize your space ergonomically.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you’ve started a sit-stand lifestyle, an anti-fatigue mat will make standing easier for you. One challenge most people encounter when they add more standing time is discomfort and fatigue in their feet and legs. An anti-fatigue mat can alleviate the pain to help you ease into this new lifestyle.

Monitors Arms

Do you use dual monitors in your desk? Having two or more monitors can cramp your desk space and cause clutter in your workstation. You can free up space on your desk and make adjusting your dual monitors easier with the use of monitor arms. Set them up in place, and then enjoy free space and easier monitor adjustment.


While you have an anti-fatigue mat for standing, a footrest will be helpful while you are seated. It will allow you to elevate your feet to relieve some pressure and improve blood circulation in your lower extremities.

Lumbar Pillow

Most adjustable ergonomic chairs come with a form of lumbar support. However, if the existing lumbar support in your chair is not enough, then you can try and invest in an extra lumbar pillow. It can be easily mounted or attached to your seat and is easily adjustable so you can position it at a height that is most comfortable to you.

With a combination of the right ergonomic furniture and accessories, you can take charge of your body and find ways to alleviate back pain. Find high-quality options to redesign your workstation and create a space that you will love.

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