Investing in a Standing Desk Converter? Don't Miss Out These Top Features!

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A standing desk converter is a highly practical furniture to consider if you’re looking to transition to a sit-stand lifestyle at work. It’s not as bulky and as heavy as a full desk, it's easily adjustable, and it’s not as permanent in case you’re just exploring.

Despite being a mini version of a standing desk, a converter can function just as good especially if you find one with the right features that match your needs. And with the wide range of these products now readily available, you can find the perfect one just for you in no time. So what are your options? Well, many.

Top Standing Desk Converter Features to Consider

From extra space to more improved function, you can find these in the right desk converter. Check these out:

Keyboard tray

Most converters are simple flat surfaces with adjustable stand, but there are those that will give you more bang for your bucks. Some converters have a movable tray that is separate from the main panel and designed to accommodate your keyboard.

MG Standing Desk Converter

This allows you to have a full computer set up in your station with a monitor and an external keyboard, with enough extra space to boot for resting your hands and for all your other supplies.

Multi-level and multi-panel design

This is similar to a keyboard tray, but not quite. Some converters are equipped with panels for your external mouse, positioned ergonomically to ensure that you keep your arms and hands at the right level relative to your body for optimum comfort and support.

Multi Level Standing Desk Converter

If you need even more space, you can complement your converter with a monitor arm so that you can elevate your monitor and free up some space for your other things.

Tilting panels

Standing Desk Converter

This is another ergonomic feature designed to keep your comfort at an optimum level. The adjustability of the panel will help you get the right viewing angle, which is helpful not only for your body but also for your eyes.

Cooling fans

Laptop Stand

These are extra cool features that will help care for your laptop as you do some work. You’ll find a standing desk converter that come with a pair of fans built into the top panel to cool your device. It's worth checking if you want something extra from your desk converter.

Various height adjustment options

Standing Desk Converter

This is an ergonomic feature that pays off in the long run. One secret to creating a sustainable sit-stand habit is to make sure you find the most comfortable position for you, and this is where the right height comes in. When looking for a new standing desk converter, consider one with as much adjustability as possible.

Ready for a new standing desk converter? With the right one and the features that work for you best, you’re ready to go. 

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