7 Ways to Keep Your Focus When Working from Home

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Working from home has its perks, but it also has its disadvantages. One of the most common challenges that people who work from home regularly deal with is keeping their focus. It’s easy to focus to the work in front of you when you’re at the office and all you have to do is that. But if you’re at home with your kids, and surrounded by unfinished household chores, it’s so easy to find your attention wandering. And suddenly the 30 minutes that you previously needed to finish a certain task now becomes an hour or more.


If you are to make working from home a fun experience, it’s important to create a space for productivity and focus. Here we’ll share a few tips to help you gain or regain your focus when working from the comforts of your home.

Work from home tips for staying focused

work from home

Design your own focus space and time

This means finding a designated workspace inside your home. Working from home doesn’t mean working anywhere in your home—this is a recipe for not getting any work done. To maximize your work time, you need to allot space in your home for doing the day’s most important work tasks. It could be a small corner where you place a work desk and an office chair, with proper lighting, and with everything you need to work within reach.

Apart from space, you also need to determine the time that works best for your focus and productivity. Can you work even with background noise, or do you need certain times of the day when noise is minimal to get something done? Check yourself and follow what works for you.

Know your distractions

What usually takes your attention away from work? Is it the noise coming from the construction work happening in your neighborhood? Your kids playing around? Or perhaps the television series that someone in your household watches at a specific time of the day? Or, do you find yourself spending lots of time scrolling your Facebook feed?


Know what causes you to be distracted so that you can deal with it—avoid it, work around it, or simply eliminate it.

Keep your space tidy

Cluttered space, cluttered mind—this one is so true. Visual clutter can keep your mind preoccupied, thereby hindering focus.

tidy workspace

Prevent clutter from accumulating in your work space by tidying up regularly—throw away whatever you don’t need, sort out documents and paper files, and keep things in their proper places. This is very extremely helpful in keeping your focus.

Define your boundaries

This means making sure that you are working during work time and taking a break after work, and it’s important to highlight that it has to be both ways.


During weekdays when you need to be working, avoid setting other appointments, even if it’s virtual. And when you do, make sure it is clear that you are “at work” and don’t have the luxury of time to have a very long appointment. In the same manner, be sure to close your laptop after a long workday and resist the temptation to check emails after dinner when work is supposed to be over.

Get into work mindset

work mode

Having a workspace is pretty helpful for this, because the moment you take your seat in front of your laptop you tell yourself that it’s time to work. Another helpful tip is to “dress up” for work. This doesn’t need to involve an elaborate ritual of putting on make-up and high heels (although that can work, too), but something that will signal to your brain that it’s work time.

Conserve your energy and focus

When you’re working with many sources of distractions around you, it’s helpful to choose the things you would spend your energy and focus on—minimize them as much as you can. How do you do this?


Well, check which of the things you do you can automate. Use online tools to make things easier and faster. And of course, check which of the items in your list you can delegate.

take a break

Take a break

This cannot be stressed enough. It’s so easy to think that working from home means getting to take a break anytime you want. And as much as this is one of the perks of remote work, there is a risk—working during breaks.

If you find yourself checking and replying to emails while having lunch or dinner, then you need to close your phone, stop, and just enjoy your meal. Working lunch is not advised unless critical, say you have to meet with colleagues and lunch is the only common time you have. Otherwise, find time to take a work-free break and enjoy it. This way, you get back to work refreshed, rested, and with more energy for focus.

So, ready to do an awesome job at work—while you work from home? With daily practice of the different tips above, it should be easy.

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