[Labour Day Feature] How to Take Care of Yourself at Work: Standing Desk Use and Other Healthy Habits

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Happy Labour Day, Canada! As we celebrate this day, we also give tribute to all workers and employees who keep the country going and our economy thriving. Today is a time to relax, a time to reward yourself with rest. And as we give all workers the space for that, this blog post is all about the ways we can take care of ourselves at work.

Wellbeing at work has long been recognized as crucial in employee productivity, and many organizations today work towards creating an environment that supports worker health and wellness. The rise of standing desk use and the conversion of offices into ergonomic spaces is one of the leading initiatives you’ll find in many of today’s workplaces.


If you’re an employer looking to create a healthy space for your employees or an employee who want to be proactive in looking after your wellbeing, we’re listing down some of the ways you can take care of yourself at work.

Workplace Care 101: Some Ways to Keep You Healthy and Well at Work

Here are 5 simple ways to ensure that you put your health first at work:

Move more with a standing desk

A big percentage of today’s work require people to be on their laptop for 8 or more hours in a day, but that doesn’t mean you need to be glued to your seat to accomplish this. You can keep moving while working with a standing desk, a height-adjustable desk that will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. In Canada, the standing desk has become a growing fixture in many offices. And if you’re not using one yet, this is the time to consider that.

Take care of your eyes

They say people don’t usually appreciate what they have until it’s gone, and that is especially true with a clear 20/20 vision. If you work on a computer for most hours of the day, make sure to design your space in a way that is healthy for your eyes. Ensure your space has enough lighting. Get anti-radiation glasses. Invest in a set of monitor arms for easy monitor adjustment conducive to your eye health.

Be gentle with your hands and fingers

Your hands and fingers are another key body parts that allow you to freely do what you need to do in any given instance. At work, repetitive typing, mouse clicking—these activities cause strain to your hands and fingers. To prevent any injury, consider getting an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. And, allow your hands time to rest—stretch, wiggle, pamper them once in a while. They’ll thank you in the long run.

Eat healthy

Good food is a basic need of your body, but it’s easy to fall into a habit of mindless snacking while working. Apart from making sure that you eat in moderation, take some time to evaluate the quality of the food you eat. Do you often reach for unhealthy, sugary, or salty treats? Consider switching some of them with healthier alternatives—nuts or vegetable sticks, for instance.

Create meaningful connections

Mental and emotional health are equally important as physical health, so make sure to take care of them, too. Make your office a happier place to work in by creating authentic friendships. Take time to talk to your colleagues and to bond over things that are non-work related. When you do, you’ll notice you’ll be more excited to report to the office every day and be generally happier at work.

Because you work hard, you deserve a workplace that contributes more joy to your life. And, you have the power to create that space. Consider the points above, and we hope your workdays be always filled with fun.

From your MotionGrey family, Happy Labour Day!

MotionGrey Team

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