Standing Desk Converter and the Sit-Stand Lifestyle: A Closer Look at Its Effectiveness

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Ah, the lowly standing desk converter. Not a lot of individuals are familiar with this equipment. Those looking for the right solution to shift into the sit-stand lifestyle are often presented with the more popular and more widely used standing desk. However, while the sit stand desk offers guaranteed health benefits for people who want to live healthier and more active lives, do not be so quick to dismiss the standing desk converter. The truth is, it works for some people more than the standing desk does. The key is to determine the time and circumstances.

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What does this mean? Well, this means that there are instances when a standing desk is the better option, and there are instances when it’s the standing desk converter. The question is—which instances are these?

When to Use the Standing Desk Converter to Maximize Its Effectiveness

Below, we’ve outlined three different instances that call for the use of the standing desk converter more than a standing desk:

When You Have a Fixed Desk that You’re Not Ready to Part With

A standing desk converter is not a complete desk and will therefore not replace your existing desk—it will merely complement it. Do you have a vintage desk in your home office that you may have inherited from your parents or grandparents? You don’t need to dispose it just to make your space more ergonomic. You can simply get a standing desk converter that you can place on top of the desk and adjust as needed when you want to alternate between sitting and standing as you work—two benefits in one!

When You Want to Take the Sit-Stand Lifestyle Out of the Office

Do you have an agile schedule that involves taking meetings outside the office or doing work anywhere you find the time to? Although we’ve seen the growth of ergonomics in Canada, standing desk is not something you’ll find everywhere. If you want to be able to work outside sitting or standing, the standing desk converter is compact and portable enough to be carried anywhere, unlike a standing desk. Make it a part of the tools you have in your daily arsenal to keep your movement and health in check.

When You’re on a Budget

Both the standing desk and the standing desk converter offer the same benefits of allowing you to move more as you work, but the latter is so much smaller and so much more affordable compared to a stand up desk. And some people, aside from not being ready to jump into the sit-stand lifestyle fully, they’re also not ready to shell out money for a standing desk. The good thing with the standing desk converter is that it can provide comparable benefits at a much cheaper cost.

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So, do you think a standing desk converter is for you? Or, are you ready for a complete lifestyle transformation with a standing desk, perhaps? Whichever way you go, remember that it’s all about building the right habits and sticking to them. Good luck!

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