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Are you looking for a simple and stress-free way to stimulate your muscles and add movements to your daily schedule? If you spend most of your day sitting with your lower body muscles often unmoving and sedentary, and especially if your schedule leaves you very little time for exercise, one exercise gear that can help improve the quality of your day health-wise is an underdesk elliptical machine.

underdesk elliptical machine


Under Desk Elliptical: A Closer Look

Ellipticals are exercise gears for the lower body, specifically the feet and the lower legs. How they work is that they simulate the motion of climbing stairs, or even walking or running, depending on the setting you chose. However, compared to other exercise gears, an underdesk elliptical machine offers a low-impact exercise that will not put a lot of pressure on your joints. You can think of it as one that will offer you light exercise, enough to stimulate your body without straining muscles and bones.

Ellipticals are comparable to other exercise gears such as walking pads and mini pedal bikes, except they offer benefits you will not find in the other machines mentioned. Take a look at how an under desk elliptical compares to a walking pad or a stationary bike.

Underdesk Elliptical Machine vs. Walking Pad

A walking pad is a simplified and a smaller version of the treadmill, and it is used for walking or running while working. You can set a walking pad to a specific speed, and then you can walk or run on it while you do light work such as answering calls or typing emails. Because it simulates running, the use of a walking pad has some impact on your knees and may not be advisable for individuals with joint condition.

Meanwhile, an under desk elliptical is smaller, and you will not need to stand to use it—you can remain on your seat while exercising and working. The stimulation it provides comes from the resistance that an underdesk elliptical machine provides as you step on it. Compared to walking pad, it will not harm your knees and joints.

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Underdesk Elliptical Machine vs Mini Pedal Bike

Ellipticals and mini pedal bikes almost work the same way, under the same design principle. The difference is in the direction of the motion and the specific muscles stimulated. An underdesk elliptical machine follows an up and down motion. Meanwhile, the mini pedal bike works in a circular direction.

Of the two, mini pedal bikes are more effort intensive to use and can have the same impact on the joints as walking pads.

If what you’re after is light exercise that you can do alongside your work without disrupting your workflow and without having to think about it each time, the underdesk elliptical machine is the best option of the three.

Introducing the MotionGrey Underdesk Elliptical Machine

The under desk elliptical offered by MotionGrey is a low-impact exercise gear that is perfect for both home and office use. It is ideal for elders, for individuals with a knee problem, as well as the elderly. You can use it while seated, so it’s very low maintenance.

So what are the features of the underdesk elliptical machine from MotionGrey? Check out the following:

  • An LED display that will give you all the data you need to track your exercise progress—your speed, distance covered, time spent on the exercise, including the amount of calories you burned.
  • A remote control that will allow you to operate the elliptical without having to bend down every time. It will allow you to choose your preferred training mode and adjust the speed of the machine every now and then.
  • Non-slip massage pedals with ridges.
  • A whisper-quiet operation that will guarantee no disturbance to other users of the space and no disruption to your own work.
  • Two training modes available—automatic (P1, P2, and P3) and manual (5 speed levels ranging from 1.5 km/hr to 5.7 km/hr.

The MotionGrey underdesk elliptical machine is compact and handy. It can be placed under the desk (thus its name) and will not occupy too much space. It can be used during your busy days and even during calm days.

under desk elliptical machine

If you are looking to jumpstart a more active life at work but don’t want to do anything too drastic, then try an under desk elliptical. It’s a good way to introduce yourself to exercising while working, perfect for beginners and even those who have been exercising but choosing for ways to slow down this time.

Find the right underdesk elliptical machine in our catalog here at MotionGrey!

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