Why Choose an Adjustable Dumbbell as an Exercise Gear?

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Are you looking for a new addition to your arsenal of exercise gears? Consider an adjustable dumbbell.


While exercise is a key element to living a healthy life, many of us can admit that it has become somewhat of a privilege in today’s time. For one, people’s busy schedule leaves them barely enough time for personal pursuits, including healthy pursuits such as going to the gym or running in the park. Second, many people have traded physical activity with the allure of the screen—online games and social media activities.

Going to the gym has become something many aspire for but only few are actually able to do. However, all thanks to technology, we have seen rise in fitness apps during the recent years, and this has brought about a new trend in exercise—home gyms and individual exercise. And with this, we have also seen new and innovative gears being introduced in health shops. One of these is the adjustable dumbbell set.

Adjustable Dumbbells: Why They are Popular and Why They are a Better Choice

At its most basic form, the adjustable dumbbell works much like your typical dumbbell—it features different types of weight that will help you build muscles when you use it properly. However, because of its adjustable feature, it offers so many benefits that you won’t find in a regular, fixed dumbbell. Take a look at the following:

It saves a lot of space

This is perhaps the most appealing benefit of an adjustable dumbbell: its space-saving quality. Normally, when you work with dumbbells, you are working with several pieces of equipment—different weights for different purposes and needs. This means you will need some space to accommodate all that equipment.

With an adjustable dumbbell set, you will have to deal with just one piece of equipment. The MotionGrey adjustable dumbbell, for instance, has a weight range of between 5lbs to 52.5lbs. This is a wide range that will likely involve several regular dumbbells. But, with this particular dumbbell set, you have just one piece of equipment to handle.

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It is more convenient and more time-saving to use

Apart from saving you on space, the use of the MotionGrey adjustable dumbbell will also save you on effort and time. How? Well, imagine a complete arsenal of several dumbbells in your home gym. Each time you need to use a specific weight, you will have to go through the equipment you have in order to pick the weight you need, a practice that will take both extra time and extra effort.

With a single dumbbell set, you have everything you need in a single package. Want to lift with a specific weight? Simply adjust the dial in your dumbbells to get the right weight and start your exercise. After a few minutes, you can easily adjust again to increase the weight, or even reduce it. It is very easy to operate and use and is good even for beginners.

It is more compact and easier to store

Because adjustable dumbbells come in a set, they are easier to store and organize. With all of your weights in one nifty location, you can create a more organized home gym without all the clutter caused by all the equipment you are using to exercise and work out.

The compact built and design of this adjustable dumbbell also makes it easier to carry and move around—it’s just one piece of equipment that you can load in your car so you can carry it wherever you need it to be.

With all of these features in place, you are assured that an adjustable dumbbell set is a better alternative to several dumbbells that will not only take up more space but also possibly cause clutter.

motiongrey adjustable dumbbell

Why Choose the MotionGrey Adjustable Dumbbell?

Now, if you have decided to go for adjustable dumbbells, we are happy to share the one we have here at MotionGrey. The adjustable dumbbell is one of our newest products, and we are very proud of this equipment because of its quality and build.

Each component of the MotionGrey adjustable dumbbell is built with high quality, from the high-strength nylon hanger to the non-slip handle. Apart from quality, convenience and ease are also a priority in the crafting of this equipment. The dials are built for easy adjustment, with a 3-second setting time that is both quick and convenient.

The flexibility of this dumbbell set makes it ideal for use in different workout routines. Whether you are a beginner still learning the ropes and getting yourself more comfortable with dumbbell lifting, or a professional who is looking for more from your routine and need a high-end, high-intensity partner for your exercise, this dumbbell set will not disappoint.

Ready to make the shift from regular dumbbells to adjustable dumbbells? Check our catalog and find the MotionGrey adjustable dumbbell, your partner for a healthier, more active lifestyle!

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