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How do you create a space you love?

We’ve had a chance to get some insights from one of our new partners, freelance photographer Lloyd Carig.

lloyd carig desk

As a photographer, Lloyd spends a lot of time doing work on his desk, and he sent us a photo of his really cool workspace above.

We asked him of his secret to creating a space that highlights who he is—his personality, passion, including his values, and he shares this with us:

“Workspace wise, I just make sure that it is minimal and tidy at the end of the day so I can start the [next] day fresh and with no clutter. That’s pretty much how I approach other things in my personal life, too—I want it simple, less clutter.”

Got it. Simple. Less clutter. 

lloyd carig desk setup

But how do you achieve that? In creating the right space, how do you choose which items to add to your desk? Lloyd shares how he does it in his own space.

“That totally depends on the look I’m going for. I used to have a full walnut space but now switched to a more concrete, black/grey look, so I try to use stuff that has the same colors. As for tech, I keep it minimal, just a desk mat, wireless keyboard/mouse, and a wireless charger that I can reach whenever I need to.”

Practical, simple, and minimal. Something that makes work easier and more fun. There are several ways to achieve that, and among the elements we swear by are practical, stylish office equipment we can use to build our workspace, including a highly reliable desk.  

When asked how a standing desk improves his day-to-day work, Lloyd shares this:

“It has been fun and an amazing addition to my work routine. I usually start my day standing for 2 hours now. Physically, it feels excellent.”

Furthermore, when asked of his favorite desk feature: “The minimum height at 60cm is very useful especially for taking photos of stuff, which I do a lot.”

“The assembly is pretty straightforward, instructions are clear,” he adds, and then shares some suggestions for further improvement. “I just wish that the desk comes predrilled.”

Thank you for the insights, Lloyd! All well noted and fully appreciated, and we’re excited to continue bringing out more solutions to everyday workspace challenges.

lloyd carig workspace

On Being a Tech Content Creator

Here are some more insights and advice from Lloyd for all those who want to go into the same field he is in:

MG: What camera and lens do you usually use for taking setup photos and videos?

LLOYD: I use Fujifilm cameras. I have 3 different bodies, and each has its own use. Lens would either be something wide if I want to take a photo of the entire desk and the macro lens if I want to isolate certain stuff on the desk.

MG: What’s your advice to new and upcoming tech social media content creators?

LLOYD: Just start and have fun. Don’t look at the numbers and other people’s work; do it for yourself.

There you have it! Just start and have fun!

If you’re looking for more workspace inspirations, or more deals on standing desks and your favorite ergonomic office equipment, head over to our MotionGrey Instagram Page for real-time updates.

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