Move, Move, Move: Your Quick Daily Guide to Moving More

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Movement—one of the key secrets to a longer, healthier, happier life. But in today’s busy lifestyle of most people, how do you find time to add more movement to your schedule? Well, the secret is not in going for one big activity that will boost your movement but in finding little moments where you can insert movement to build a healthy habit and a healthy life.

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10 Moments in Your Day to Insert Some Movement

Let’s take a look at certain moments in your day—from morning ‘til night—where you can insert movement.

Stretch in the morning

Awaken those sleeping muscles and get your blood flowing by doing simple stretches to start your morning. This will not only push sleep away but also help energize you for the day.

Go for a quick energizing run

The best time to go for a run is in the morning while the world is still quiet and your mind is clear. Set up yourself for a positive day by going for a run and playing uplifting and inspiring beats.

biking to work

Walk or bike to work

If the distance allows it, check if you can walk to work instead of driving your car. If walking is not possible, how about going on a bike? This can be your morning exercise, too, and will not only help you move more and stay healthy but also help the planet.

Take the stairs

Your office located in the second or third floor? Why not skip the elevator and take the stairs? It’s a simple and practical way to log some steps and add movement to your day.

Stand while working

Sitting on your chair for 8 to 9 hours daily can be taking away years from your lifespan. If your work entails working on a computer, one way to move more as you work is to stand while working—balancing on your feet as you stand will keep your muscles engaged. Try to alternate between sitting and standing every few minutes or so.

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Do desk and chair exercises

Push up on your desk? That’s possible! How about a chair twist to stretch your back? You can do that, too. It only takes a few minutes but can go a long way to keeping you healthy. Check these desk exercises you can do or these chair exercises you can try at work.

Walk to your officemate’s cubicle

The pandemic has made virtual communication necessary. But, if you’re back at the office and you need something from a colleague, take this chance to get up from your chair, move away from your desk, and walk to your colleague’s workstation. Face-to-face communication fosters relationship, and this will give you a chance to move more.

Go out at lunch and take a walk

Breathe in some fresh air, soak in the sunshine, and give your legs a mid-day stretch by walking outside during lunchtime. Walk to a nearby park and take your lunch with you, find a bench and eat or read a book, and then walk back to work energized.

household chores

Finish your household chores

Back home, do some cleaning and sorting around the house—this will give you an opportunity to keep moving as you start to unwind and relax for the evening.

Use a fitness ball while watching TV

What better way to unwind than by going back to your favorite TV shows, right? Instead of sitting on your couch, sit on a fitness ball—this will keep your posture correct and keep you moving as you balance yourself on the ball.

Simple ways to move more, right? By intentionally inserting movement into your day, you can build the habit that will keep you healthy and well.

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