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MotionGrey is proud and happy to be a part of a new and budding local business here in Canada, Band & Bezel! It is a local Vancouver-based e-commerce business that produces high-quality Canadian-designed watch straps, and we have recently had an opportunity to work with this growing brand and to fulfill one of its office needs—standing desks.

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MotionGrey has always believed in partnering with local businesses, and we’re always excited to be part of the journey of Canadian entrepreneurs. Band & Bezel is one of the newest businesses we’ve had an opportunity to work with, and we are grateful that the brand has chosen us in revamping their offices.

Like Band & Bezel, we at MotionGrey strive to offer a high level of quality in our ergonomic equipment and accessories, particularly our standing desks. Improved productivity, timeless design, and solid functionality—these are qualities we value, and we’re happy to be working with a brand that value the same qualities in their products.

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“I love the standing desks,” said Band & Bezel founder Meynard Chan. “They have added a new level of energy in our workspace and have personally helped me appreciate standing more at work. I feel well even during long days of working.”

To check out the high-quality watch straps offered by Band & Bezel, head over to their page at

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