5 Most Common Problems in the Workplace and How You Can Solve Them

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For most people, the workplace is a second home, and any problem in the workplace affects a person’s overall happiness and wellbeing. From simple problems like your day-to-day clutter at work to more serious problems involving your health, it’s important to address any issue as it arises.


In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 of the most common problems in the workplace and the different ways to deal with them.

Addressing the Most Prevalent Workplace Problems

Back pain

Did you know that up to 38% of office workers suffer from lower back pain? Ergonomic chairs and standing desks are primarily designed to address this key problem.

back pain

But why ergonomic chairs and stand-up desks? Back pain is often caused by prolonged sitting and by insufficient back support from the chair you are using. An ergonomic chair will ensure that your body is supported no matter what sitting position you are in, ensuring that you maintain your natural posture to prevent fatigue and back pain.

Then again, prolonged sitting is harmful, no matter how much support your back has. Every now and then, it is advisable that you break sitting by standing up and moving. This is where a sit-stand desk is helpful. It will help you break prolonged sitting by allowing you to easily alternate between sitting and standing while you work. This way, your muscles remain active and you can avoid a stiff back.

Weight gain and related health problems

Career satisfaction statistics say that almost 50% of employees believe they’ve put on some weight at work. This is no wonder considering the amount of time people spend sitting in front of their computer. With the lack of movement and limited physical activity, there’s no way to burn all those extra calories from the snacks and soda you consume at work (especially so if you tend to mindlessly eat while typing away on your keyboard). What’s even more risky about this is that weight gain is often associated with many other health conditions—heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, to mention a few.

eating in the workstation

So how do you address the problem? The answer is increased movement. Move more at work. Sit and stand while working with an adjustable standing desk. Don’t be glued to your seat—get up from your workstation, walk around, and stretch. This is the best way to keep off the extra weight and protect yourself from health risks.

Standing discomfort & fatigue

Okay, once you’ve started alternating between sitting and standing at work, you might find you get easily tired on your feet—and that’s normal. The highest amount of standing time you can do at work that is still healthy is 45 minutes for every 15 minutes you sit. However, it’s almost impossible to achieve this in the beginning; you will have to build up the habit over time.

standing at work

It’s normal to experience discomfort and fatigue in the beginning, but there are ways you can address this. To start with, find an anti-fatigue mat to help absorb the pressure from standing, keeping you from getting easily tired and making it easier to develop the habit. Apart from getting an anti-fatigue mat, here are some other things you can do to make standing at work easier:

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Exercise
  • Use a chair or a stool

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Stray cables

Now that we’ve talked about physical health problems at work, it’s time we talk about challenges that affect your day-to-day sanity, like clutter. And, why don’t we begin with the most common type of clutter found in most workplaces—wires and cables?

office wires

Stray wires are not only annoying to look at, but they can also be a real hazard. Slips and falls are among the most common hazards in the workplace, and stray cables are among the possible causes. But how do you manage these cables in an environment where almost all the most important equipment come with them?

Well, if you plan on getting a sit-stand desk, one feature to consider is a built-in wire management system. Find an ergonomic desk that has a way of securing all the cables in one place so you can keep a tidy and clutter-free workspace. Another way to go is to invest in wire trays or wire sleeves. These are simple accessories that will help you manage and contain all your cables in one place so they don’t become an eyesore and, more importantly, don’t pose any danger to you and your colleagues at work.

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This is a common challenge in almost all types of workplaces. You may have enough working surface in your stand-up desk, or it may have a high lifting capacity, but in many cases, the storage space never seems to be sufficient.

However, there are ways to address the problem. The first way is to keep your items to a minimum, to only the essentials. Pay attention to your ergonomic work zones and the items you place in these zones. Do away with paper files by going for soft copy instead—avoid printing as much as you can. Second, utilize vertical space and under desk space. And third, invest in high-quality cabinets to keep your files and other important items.

Now with everything in its proper place, with your wires safely tucked away from high-trafficked areas at work, and with you getting the right amount of movement and free of fatigue and body pain when working, you can be as productive as you set out to be, living a well-balanced life in and out of the office.

So which of these issues do you currently face at work? Start addressing them today!

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