Organize Your Office: Top 10 Filing Cabinets Reviewed

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Clutter getting out of control in your office? Take back control with the right filing cabinet and document storage solutions! Office organization is not only beneficial for the business but also for the employees, the users of the workspace. Organizing your space prevents the potential risks of hazards caused by tripping due to clutter. It also saves on time spent looking for stuff buried under other stuff. In addition, clutter is an eyesore, and eyesore tends to be distracting. By investing in the right filing cabinet, you can keep your space neat and tidy, thereby staying distraction free and productive.

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In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the office organization options available for you, ranging from simple document storage cabinets to those equipped with extra appealing features for the style-conscious user.

A Closer Look at the Top Filing Cabinets in Canada

Ergonofis Neat Filing Cabinet

This is a two-door document storage cabinet that can store letter- or legal-sized documents. The bottom drawer is equipped with a lock, so you know your files are protected. It has panels made of solid wood or melamine, and the cabinet features soft close drawer slides. This filing cabinet has a capacity of 120lbs, so you can keep more than just files in it. It also has 4 lockable casters and 1 anti-tilt caster, making office organization easy and keeping the cabinet steady and stable no matter how much load it carries.

Price: $750 CAD with 1 year warranty

Eureka Ergonomic Filing Cabinet

This document storage solution is perfect for any home office, including offices. It has 2 drawers and can hold A4- and letter-sized documents, and it comes with an open shelf design on top for all your other work equipment—printer, file box, and other items you want close by. This is a mobile filing cabinet, with 2 of 4 casters being lockable to keep it safe in place without rolling around and wobbling.

Price: $249.99 with 1 year warranty

Techni Mobili 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

What’s better than a 2-drawer cabinet? A 3-drawer! This office organization solution has 1 file cabinet at the bottom and 2 accessory drawers for all your other office supplies. It features fully extendable drawers and self-close drawer glides that will protect both your files and the cabinet itself. The top drawer comes equipped with a lock, which protects both the top drawer and the bottom cabinet from unwanted access. This cabinet has a capacity of 60lbs.

Price: $279.99 with 5 years limited warranty

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Motion Rolling Steel Filing Cabinet

This is perhaps the most durable and most modern-looking cabinet in this batch, with its steel construction, minimalist design, and sleek curves—talk about form and function in one! This is a 3-drawer cabinet, with 2 top drawers and 1 file cabinet, all of which are lockable not only to keep office organization easy but also to secure all your belongings. The cabinet can hold up to 44lbs, and it is offered in either black or white color.

Price: $239.99 CAD with 1 year warranty

Vasagle Filing Cabinet

This is an industrial filing cabinet made from a combination of steel frame and particleboard panels. It is a 2-drawer cabinet that can hold A4- and letter-sized files, with an open shelf for printer, books, and other office equipment. Both of the drawers have separate locks. The feet are adjustable, making it easier for the cabinet to adjust to surface imperfections and remain steady. Apart from the casters which protect against tipping, the filing cabinet also comes with an anti-tip kit that secures it to a wall to eliminate any chance of tipping and potential accident. Safe and secure office organization? You bet!

Price: $182.99

Hirsh Industries 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Need more space for document storage? Hirsh offers a 3-drawer cabinet with 2 compartments for letter-sized files and folders. The top drawer is smaller, designed to accommodate other office supplies, while the 2 bottom drawers are ideal for your file safekeeping, both of which are lockable. The cabinet has a high-side design, meaning it can accommodate files placed vertically. The cabinet itself can fit in smaller spaces. And, it has a patented glide suspension that guarantees a smooth slide, making office organization smooth and fun.

Price: $189.99

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Vinsetto Filing Cabinet

If you’re looking for a complete document storage solution, one that can accommodate almost all file sizes (letter, A4, and legal), the one from Vinsetto might be worth checking. This is all thanks to the adjustable partition the cabinet is equipped with. The partition can be used to keep files in place or to properly categorize your files to make searching for them easy and make office organization seamless. The cabinet also features a central locking system to keep everything safe, and it comes with an extra caster to prevent tipping no matter how full the cabinet is. This filing cabinet has a capacity of 88lbs.

Price: $209.99 with 1 year warranty

HOOBRO Filing Cabinet

For individuals who want to create a rustic vibe in their space, this filing cabinet from Hoobro is a good choice. It’s a 3-drawer wooden cabinet that can accommodate A4- and letter-sized files. The bottom drawer comes with hanging file racks, specifically designed to hold and protect your files. The cabinet also comes with 5 casters, 1 extra caster added for stability and 2 of the casters equipped with a lock to keep the cabinet steady and safe. Talk about both a reliable and stylish office organization solution.

Price: $93.49

Bisley F-Series Filing Cabinet

Stylish and durable document storage—this is the promise Bisley is making with its F-Series cabinets. The cabinet is the 2-drawer type, made from steel panels and a set of chrome handles. It is specifically designed for home office, ideal for use in tight spaces as a perfect pair for your standing desk or another filing cabinet. The drawers are lockable, so you can be sure your files are secure. The filing cabinet can carry up to 26kg of weight.

Price: £279.20 with 5 years warranty

Winston Porter Galgano Filing Cabinet

Made from manufactured wood, this 3-drawer office organization equipment can hold both letter- and legal-sized files. All three drawers can be locked for easy file safekeeping. The drawers are fully extendable, and they come with a metal slide for a soft and quiet glide. The cabinet can accommodate up to 17.6lbs of weight.

Price: $319.99 with 5 years warranty

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Document organization shouldn’t be boring—you can add both aesthetics and functionality to your space with the right filing cabinet. Depending on your available space and your sense of style, it’s easy to find the right document storage solution from the many options available in the market today.

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