Desk Treadmill: The Ultimate Guide to Active Working

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In the old days when most of the work people did were characterized by physical activity, injury was often caused by overexertion. Today, with technology and the digital background of most industries, when most of people’s work is mental and less physical, no longer are risks caused by overexertion or overactivity. On the contrary, risks are now associated with the lack of movement and activity.

This has caused a growing alarm and brought about new concepts such as active working. The need for office exercise is now higher more than ever, and innovations like the desk treadmill more important today more than ever.

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The Concept of Active Working

Due to the fact that the concept of work today has significantly changed, no longer associated with being active (picture out a typical office with everyone seated and hunched over their desk, not moving), there is a need to bring back “activity” to work. This is where active working comes in and where we see the value of the desk treadmill and other innovations that promote office exercise and other activities.

The real danger posed by a sedentary lifestyle has made active working a must in every workplace. Organizations have recognized the concept as key to keeping a healthy workforce, so much so that there are organizations formed around this idea, books written about it, and people working to actually ensure it is being observed and practiced in the workplace.

Many equate active working with sit-stand working, characterized mainly by the use of a standing desk and the development of the habit of alternating between sitting and standing as people work throughout the day. The sit-stand lifestyle may be at the core of active working, but so many other innovative ideas around office exercise and activity have sprung up since its conceptualization. Consider the use of a desk treadmill, the first step to making exercise a norm in every workplace.

Taking Active Working to the Next Level with a Desk Treadmill

What is a desk treadmill, you may ask. And how does it differ from your ordinary gym treadmill? Well, the two are basically the same in function and purpose, even if they differ in design.

The main difference is the size—a desk treadmill is so much smaller and so much more compact. While regular treadmills are designed for use in gyms, the desk treadmill is designed for use in regular homes and offices. It is designed to make office exercise a regular part of your day, to incorporate active working into your day-to-day schedule and routine. It is created for any regular office or home, which is assumed to have limited space that may not be able to accommodate a regular treadmill.

Below are some of the characteristics of the desk treadmill which make it a perfect choice for home or office use:

It is smaller and more compact, so it does not occupy space. You can simply place it below your standing desk so that it won’t get in the way of your daily work or home activities.

It can be easily stored after use and can be easily moved around. You will find a desk treadmill that is thin enough that you can easily slide it underneath your office couch after doing office exercise (or under your bed if you do home exercise). Meanwhile, some desk treadmills are foldable. You can fold them up after use and placed against the wall so they don’t take up extra space.

It has a quiet motor paired with layers of anti-shock, anti-noise pad. This combination makes the desk treadmill a perfect partner for home or office exercise. It will not disrupt the work that you are doing and it will also protect your body from strain caused by the contact between the pad and your feet.

Innovations like this type of treadmill create an environment characterized by active working, whether at home or in the office. The desk treadmill benefits that they offer are comparable to the benefits you will find from a regular treadmill, but they are designed for easy day-to-day use—even as you work!

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Developing a Desk Treadmill Routine

If you’re new to the use of a treadmill at work as part of your regular office exercise, we’ll share a quick guide in this section to help you develop a routine that will work for you.

If you have already developed the routine of alternately sitting and standing, then using a desk treadmill should be easy—the use of the treadmill will simply replace standing. Instead of standing while working, try to do a light and slow walk to amp up your body’s level of activity.

You may need to adjust the standing height of your desk if you will use a desk treadmill. Check that you will be able to maintain good posture as you walk without having to hunch over your desk.

For active working to be a sustainable lifestyle in the workplace, the sit-stand-walk habit must be consistently built up over time. This process will differ from person to person—it is best to know your body and to understand the best way for you to develop the habit long term and make active working stick in the workplace. Take it slow, take it easy, and the most important thing is to be consistent.

The use of a desk treadmill can be part of your entire office exercise routine, done in the workplace or at home. You can start with walking, then light running, to heavier jogging, and then you can add some stretches to engage your whole body.

It’s also important to remember to get the right match between the work that you are doing and the specific treadmill exercise you will try to ensure that you will get the most from both work and exercise. The recommended types of tasks that easily match the use of a desk treadmill include reading and answering emails, doing light typing, attending virtual meetings, as well as performing light tasks that do not involve heavy mental work and concentration. The right balance will give you the best of both.

All of these you can tweak and test until you develop an active working lifestyle that works best for you, made up of an entire office exercise routine that you will enjoy and be able to sustain for long.

Our Top Desk Treadmill Picks

If you’re ready to engage active working in your day-to-day office schedule with the use of a desk treadmill, the next step will be to find the right treadmill for you. The good news is that there are many options available in the market today, perfect for walking alone or for use with other exercise equipment.

Check out some of the options you can choose from:

Eco Slim Motion Walking Pad Treadmill

This is our very own flagship desk treadmill here in MotionGrey, built with an innovative and cutting-edge design that will match any space. Check out the following highlights:

  • It has a slim and compact design—it can be easily placed under the standing desk and can be stored under the couch or under your bed when not in use.
  • It comes with an anti-slip surface that minimizes the risks of slipping and any potential hazard as you walk, run, or do other office exercises.
  • It has a quiet motor that will allow you to work undistracted even as you work and walk.

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Redliro Under Desk Treadmill

This desk treadmill is one of the popular options you will find in the market, chosen for its extra features that support safety and variety in office exercise.

  • Use it as an under-desk treadmill or as a regular treadmill—this should be okay.
  • Enjoy up to 12 preset programs for your exercise. The treadmill is equipped with this number of options for a variety in your routine.
  • For extra support and safety, this treadmill is equipped with a handrail that you can fold when not in use.

GoPlus 2 in 1 Folding Desk Treadmill

Walk or run, this desk treadmill makes that possible. It is a good choice for those who are looking for more options from their desk treadmill to make their space more conducive to active working.

  • This is a foldable desk treadmill that is easy to store and move around.
  • It has a foldable handrail that allows users to walk on the treadmill when the handle is folded down and to run on the treadmill when the handle is folded up—the location of the handle determines the maximum speed of the desk treadmill.
  • Bluetooth Speaker, phone holder, and remote control are additional features that come with this desk treadmill, making it an appealing office exercise equipment.

If you’re looking for the right desk treadmill for home or office use, consider any of these three options. And, don’t forget that while active working is mostly concerned with being active and healthy at work, creating a healthy lifestyle involves habits developed in and out of the workplace. Some of the active working solutions in the workplace, you can also apply outside of work to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

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