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We love local products here at MotionGrey. We believe in supporting and giving back to local businesses and in seeking solutions to our daily needs within our very own community.

We’re so happy to have come across a website that features local businesses and works as a repository of all products and services that are Canadian—a one-stop shop for your needs, all from local providers! If you are a business that wants to collaborate with us at MotionGrey, visit our commercial business website to improve your workspace and help your employees live a healthier lifestyle through affordable, wholesale-priced ergonomic solutions. 

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Made in Canada is a father-and-son-managed website dedicated to featuring all Canadian products and services, from food to clothing to internet providers.

The website has a neat layout, and all products and services are grouped into categories for easy navigation. The business feature has a straightforward approach, with details pertaining to location (both physical and virtual, as applicable), and brief background information for readers. The search bar is also helpful for those who are looking for quick information on the products or services they need.

made in canada

What’s even better is that it’s a growing website, allowing for collaboration with and contribution from readers—those who want a company listed can submit the company information so it can be included in the lineup. If there are local companies you want to support, send them over via the site's Submission Page so they can be included. 

Let’s support local businesses, help grow the local job market, and contribute to our local economy, supported by our Privacy Policy.

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MotionGrey is a Canadian standing desk company that specializes in ergonomic furniture. We supply and install only the best quality standing desks and ergonomic chairs in the country.

Our products are designed with wellness as the focal point. From our electric standing desks to our office and gaming chairs, we deliver best value by putting your health, safety, and comfort as top priority. Boost your creativity and level up work performance. We want you to create great outcomes so we’re providing you only the best tools to make them possible. 
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