Regular Standing Desk vs. L Shaped Standing Desk: Comparing the MotionGrey Desks

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In our previous posts, we’ve talked about upgrading to an L shaped standing desk—its benefits, common questions about it, mistakes to avoid when doing the upgrade, and accessories that go well with the desk, among others. In this post, we’ll take an actual look and compare the specifications of a regular desk and an L shaped desk: the Motion Series Standing Desk and the Motion Series L Shape Desk.

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Let’s see the actual difference between a rectangular standing desk and an L-shaped standing desk

From design to capacity to price, these two desks have a relatively big difference, and that difference determines the advantages and disadvantages of each. Let’s dive in!

Motor, Lift Capacity, and Speed

Both of the Motion Series desks come with a dual motor, and they both have the same speed at 1.5”/sec. Where they differ in, however, and greatly, is in their lift capacity. The regular standing desk can lift up to 230 lbs of weight. In contrast, the L shaped standing desk has a weight capacity that reaches up to 300 lbs! This means that the L shaped desk can carry so much more equipment compared to the regular desk.

Height Range and Noise Level

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the L shaped standing desk can go lower than the regular desk; their highest height is close enough to each other. The regular standing desk has a height range of 25” to 50”. Meanwhile the L shaped standing desk can go as low as 23.6” to as high as 49.2”. While their tallest height is close to each other, the L shaped standing desk appears to be more fit for users who are in the shorter spectrum. It has a wider height range and is therefore a match for more users. In terms of noise level, they emit an equal amount of 45dB of noise as they operate.

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Price and Warranty

Both the Motion Series regular standing desk and the Motion Series L shaped standing desk come with an 8-year warranty, so much longer than the warranty that comes with other desks in the market. In terms of price, the L shaped standing desk is understandably more costly. The regular Motion Series standing desk is offered at $599.99 while the L shaped standing desk is at $899.99. Compared to their counterparts in the market, however, both are significantly more affordable. Both desks can go as high as over a thousand dollars, so getting them at the rate they are currently offered is a good steal!

Given all the different features above, we hope that you can now decide which of the two standing desks is right for you. Apart from these, don’t forget to also look into the available space you have in your office. Make sure the desks will fit well and give your space a modern, well thought out look.

For more information about the Motion Series Standing Desk and the Motion Series L Shaped Desk, check our catalog. More options await you!

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