A Look at the Anatomy and Advantages of an L Shape Stand Desk

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Individuals who are looking for an upgrade in their standing desk have a variety of choices according to their needs and goals. And of the many choices available, one of the easiest upgrades you can go for is the L shape stand desk. It supports the same lifestyle that a standing desk promotes but offers several benefits over the regular ergonomic desk.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the anatomy and the different parts of an L shape stand desk, also checking its advantages over a regular standing desk.

l shape stand desk

The Core Parts of an L Shape Stand Desk

For the most part, the L shape stand desk and the regular standing desk have the same parts, with variations in design and certain benefits that make the desk a good option in specific spaces and instances.

The Table Top: Customization and Space

The easiest way to describe the table top of the L shape stand desk is its own name—it is shaped in the size of a letter L. This shape and design create more surface area and space in the desk for holding all of your work equipment.

When it comes to the table top, you usually have two options for your L shape stand desk:

  • The seamless table top is a one-piece top shaped and carved in the letter L, with most desks having a curved inner corner. The advantage of this design is that it’s readily made, and all you have to do is place it on top of the L shape frame. The curved corner also makes it more comfortable to move along the inner edge of the desk, allowing you more access anywhere on the desk’s surface.
  • The two-piece table top is, as the name implies, composed of two pieces of rectangular desks that you assemble together on top of the frame to form your L shape stand desk. The advantage of this one is that it offers more configuration options for a better fit to your space.

l shape standing desk

The Frame and Motor: Weight Capacity and Stability

Compared to a regular standing desk, the L shape stand desk has an extra foot and a third motor to power it in moving up or down according to your set height. This design provides the L shape desk with extra benefits that makes it suitable for more stringent working environments.

  • The L shape stand desk can hold more weight, and thus you can place more equipment on it. If you have multiple monitors, the desk won’t have problems handling that.
  • The L shape stand desk is also more stable even in higher elevation. Regular desks may wobble at their highest height, especially if they are holding heavy equipment. The L shape desk has extra stability, thanks to the third set of feet and motor.

The L shape stand desk is a good upgrade for users who want more surface area and stability from their workstation. It’s an upgrade that will definitely improve your workspace.

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