Regular Standing Desk vs. L-Shaped Standing Desk: Which One is Right for You?

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Been considering a standing desk but not sure which type to get? There are several options available in the market today, and finding the right one can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for something straightforward, practical, and fuss free, there are only two options to go for—either a regular standing desk or an L-shaped standing desk.

Regular Standing Desk and L-Shape Standing Desk—What’s the Difference?

The key difference between the two desks is their shape. The regular standing desk is rectangular in shape and layout, while the L-shaped standing desk is in the shape of the letter L. Both are adjustable and both are great for practicing the sit-stand lifestyle naturally. But how does their shape affect their function? And more importantly, which of them is better for you?

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Take a Look at Some Considerations When Choosing Between a Regular Standing Desk and an L Shaped Standing Desk

We listed down 4 things worth checking out before deciding which desk you should go for. Check out the following:

The amount of equipment you need the desk to hold

The standing L shaped desk obviously offers more surface area, so it can handle more of your equipment. With an L shape standing desk, you can add multiple monitors, maybe even place your printer on the desk for easy access. Apart from additional surface area, an L-shaped standing desk can also carry more load compared to a rectangular standing desk.

Your available working space

How much space do you have for your office? A regular standing desk will generally take up less space compared to an L shaped standing desk, so it’s a better option if you have a small space. The L shape stand desk is ideal for placement in the corner of a room, and it will better fit offices with open floor plan. However, if your office basically has a fixed floor layout with not much room for versatility, fitting an L shaped standing desk in there can be a challenge. A rectangular standing desk may be your best bet.

Access to all your equipment

While an L shape stand desk will allow you to place more equipment on the desk, access to all of these equipment may not be so easy. The increased surface area of the desk might mean that you won’t have access to the outer areas of the desk. So, placing any equipment in there might also mean you will have to strain your back or body to get access to them. For more information about this, check out our previous post about ergonomic work zones.

Design availability

An L-shaped standing desk is just that—a standing desk in the shape of an L. It comes in one variety, mostly in one shape, too. Compare that to a regular standing desk, where you get more options in size (and even in style). You will find small, medium, and large desks. Some are curved in design for optimal reach. These designs will offer various benefits in terms of space and reach, so check how important these are to you.

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So, given all these factors, have you thought about which standing desk is right for you? Browse our catalog for options. We carry both the regular standing desks and L-shaped standing desks, all top in quality, sourced from sustainable materials, and engineered to the highest specifications. Find the one for you and start optimizing your space for your health.

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