Risedesk, Effydesk, and Motion Series Standing Desk: A Review of the Top Features

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A standing desk is one of the top investments you can make when it comes to making a sustainable shift towards living a lifestyle that is more active and generally healthier. When deciding on any particular type, design, and brand of standing desk, there are several features you might want to consider depending on your needs, budget, and workspace.

In this post, we look into three of the top standing desks in the market—Risedesk, Effydesk, and MotionGrey standing desks—and highlight some of the top features of each to help you pick the right standing desk depending on the features that are a priority to you. Let’s dive in!

Risedesk, Effydesk, and MotionGrey standing desks: The Basic Features

For this post, we are reviewing the Rise standing desk, the Effydesk business desk, and MotionGrey’s Motion Series desk, comparing features and see where each stands.

It’s notable to mention that for the foundation of the desk, the three appear at par with each other—all three desks sporting a dual motor and a three-segment steel frame. These are crucial as they determine the reliability of the desk and its capacity to handle the day-to-day operation in a typical workspace.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each and see where they excel.


Risedesk Standing Desk: Bigger Option for People Who Need More Space

Of the different features of the Risedesk, the one where it stands out is in the size of its table top. The top is offered in three different options—Medium, Curved Medium, and Large. The large size option is the biggest of the three desks, measuring 71”x30”.

For users who are looking for a standing desk that is large enough to handle all of the equipment and materials they have, the Risedesk standing desk is a good option.


Effydesk Standing Desk

Effydesk stands out in terms of three things. First, it has the highest weight capacity of the three at 310 lbs, able to carry a large amount of weight for those who will have their complete set of equipment on the desk. And even so, the desk from Effydesk can also move at a fast speed, about 1.3” per second. And if you’re looking for a standing desk with a long warranty coverage, then you will love the 10-year warranty of this desk.

If you’re looking for a desk that can handle more and still operate at a reliable speed to match your likely fast-paced work life, then this desk is worth checking.

MotionGrey Standing Desk

MotionSeries Standing Desk

While Risedesk and Effydesk are built and designed for taller users and bigger surface area, the Motion Series desk addresses the challenge with space. For one, the desk can cater to shorter users—it can go as low as 23” (and as high as 49”, still a sufficient height for taller users). Apart from that, it offers the smallest option of the desk in terms of size. Offered in three sizes, its small size measures 47”x24”, perfect for users with limited space in their workplace or home office, and all while being still spacious enough and able to hold all your important stuff.

Perhaps even more important for some users, the Motion Series Standing Desk is the most affordable compared to Risedesk and Effydesk. While Risedesk is offered at almost a thousand dollars, and Effydesk closely follows at almost $850, the Motion Series desk only comes at half the price ($499.99). Users who are looking for a high-quality desk that is offered at a more reasonable rate will definitely enjoy the benefits and features of the Motion Series standing desk.

So, are you ready to shop for a new desk? Find the right desk and get started on your way to a healthier, more active lifestyle!

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