Sharing the MotionGrey Vision for the Toronto Community: A Brainz Magazine Feature

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To design healthy and ergonomic spaces to improve people’s quality of life.

This is the MotionGrey vision, and the team has been working for many years to reach as many people as possible and to create positive impact one life at a time through our standing desks and ergonomic furniture. We have widened our reach across Canada and the US over the years, but we hold a special place in our heart for our very own community, Toronto.

MotionGrey Headquarters

Since MotionGrey was built in 2016, we are proud to share that we’ve supplied Toronto customers with over 50,000 ergonomic solutions. More than this, in an effort to fully integrate ourselves into and to be part of the Toronto community, we have developed meaningful and fruitful partnerships with locals:

solid wood walnut standing desk toronto
  • We have provided jobs to locals in areas of our operations such as product packing and delivery.
  • We have partnered with over 25 offices in Toronto, furnishing them with ergonomic furniture and accessories for their employees (across Canada, we have done this for over 100 offices). Our team can install as many as 100 desks in 2 days.
  • We have also established partnerships with local talent in the development of specialty products such as handcrafted table tops. Check out one of our stories HERE.
  • We continue to work with local influencers, supporting them in their craft and spreading the word about the health benefits of ergonomics in the process. Here are some of our partnerships so far: Ryan Holtz, Lloyd Carig, and Brandon Beavis Investing.

Our goal is to continue to share our health advocacy, and we’re grateful and excited for the many opportunities we’ve found in terms of partnerships and innovations.

Brainz Magazine Features MotionGrey

The MotionGrey Team

We’re happy to share that MotionGrey and our advocacy are recently featured in the Global Digital Magazine and Media Platform, Brainz Magazine. The feature highlights the journey of MotionGrey since its founding in 2016 and all the initiatives we’ve been doing, specifically in the Toronto Community.

It is our hope that through partnerships and efforts like this, we continue to provide health education and awareness on the importance of ergonomics, changing spaces and workplaces to provide individuals and teams with more opportunities to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives via the solutions we provide.

If you’re curious or interested and want to learn more about MotionGrey and what we do, please feel free to explore our site and check our Instagram page.

About Us

MotionGrey is a Canadian standing desk company that specializes in ergonomic furniture. We supply and install only the best quality standing desks and ergonomic chairs in the country.

Our products are designed with wellness as the focal point. From our electric standing desks to our office and gaming chairs, we deliver best value by putting your health, safety, and comfort as top priority. Boost your creativity and level up work performance. We want you to create great outcomes so we’re providing you only the best tools to make them possible.
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