Top 5 Features to Look for in a Standing Desk

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Shopping for a standing desk in Canada and looking for the right one with the best features and capabilities? We understand you! When shopping for a new electric standing desk, there are some basic capabilities you need to look into to ensure you get the most value out of the investment you are making.

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Some of these capabilities are:

  • The desk's weight-lifting capacity
  • The speed as it moves up and down
  • The noise it makes as it moves
  • The composition of the standing desk frame
  • The size of the table top

Apart from these, however, there are other extra features you might want to look into and consider when shopping for a sit-stand desk—features that will make your overall experience with the desk so much better.

Here are some of the extra features you might want to consider when shopping for a new standing desk in Canada:

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Anti-Collision Technology

Do you have a small space and need to position your desk in the middle of other furniture and materials? Do you move your workstation often from one area to another? If any of these applies to you, then an anti-collision feature will be helpful in protecting your desk from damage.

The standing desk anti-collision technology is designed to detect if there is any upcoming obstruction to the desk as it moves up or down. Did you forget the huge box you placed under the desk before you pushed the button to go down? Don’t worry, the anti-collision feature will detect that and keep itself from moving downward to protect the desk and its motor. No damage to the desk, no damage to your other equipment!

Child-Lock Feature

The good thing about most standing desks is that they can be easily adjusted up or down with just a simple push of a button. However, if you live in a home with children, this easy adjustment can pose a hazard when your child reaches the buttons and plays with it, accidentally moving the desk up or down.

This can cause potential accident both to your child and to the desk. To protect both, the child-lock feature will “freeze” the buttons so that the desk won’t react even if the buttons are continuously pushed. This way, you can prevent untoward accidents even in a household with multiple small kids.

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Anti-Scratch Table Top

The sit-stand desk table top is the part of the desk that is most exposed to daily wear and tear due to frequent use. Not only does it handle a lot of weight on the surface, but it must also handle day-to-day accidents associated with working, such as spills, scratches, and dirt. Over time and without proper protection, your table top may start looking old and worn.

Prevent this from happening by investing in a standing desk with anti-scratch table top. These desks are built in with extra protection that will safeguard them against man-made and natural elements that may cause damage associated with daily use. It’s a good investment that will keep your desk looking new and inspiring even for years.

Provisions for Customization

This is an extra feature that will go a long way when it comes to making things tidy in your space. So what customizations are available that you may want to consider? Here are some of the top three:

  • A slot for adding a CPU mount so that when using a personal computer, you can keep the CPU close and protected, and your space organized and tidy.
  • Provision for adding a cable organizer to safekeep your computer and accessory wires and keep them from straying everywhere.
  • Provision for under desk drawer. If you need extra storage for items you frequently use, an under desk drawer is a good addition. It will provide easy storage for your items and easy access for you when you need them.

There are more! In fact, we’ve found a desk once that has provision for adding a hammock—a place for work, for play, and also for rest! Out of the many customization options available, it will only be up to you and your specific needs to choose the best option for your standing desk and for your space.

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Smart Health Alerts

Want a standing desk that will offer extra health benefits apart from what it already offers in terms of movement? You can find an all-in-one smart desk with advance features that will take your health to a higher level.

These desks use artificial intelligence to offer reminders when it’s time to stand or drink water, for instance. It will also measure your standing activity, so you can keep track and monitor your progress to ensure you are improving. You can even get exercise recommendations—a real health assistant as you work!

Most of the features mentioned above such as the anti-collision feature and child-lock technology are available in many standing desks today, but other features like the smart health alerts can be found only in select types of standing desks.

You can find a desk with a combination of two or three of these features, maybe a few ones that actually have all five. One thing to remember is that more features doesn’t always equate to a better standing desk. The most important thing is to find one with the features that will meet your specific needs and match the space you have at home or at work.

If you are looking for the right desk, start by browsing our catalog. Our standing desks are some of Canada’s best, and they carry solid basic features that will definitely meet your needs. You will also find some with extra features, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. Browse our catalog today and start shopping!

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