[Shopping Guide] Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for an Office File Cabinet

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Looking for a way to organize your workspace and considering to invest in an office file cabinet? You’re on the right path! Poor organization can have negative effects on your efficiency and productivity at work, including your mental health due to stress.

The good thing is that there are many ways to address any problem with workspace organization, and the use of modern filing cabinets is one of the most effective. If you are in the market looking for an office file cabinet, take some time to go through this post to help you find the right one.

Before investing in a new office file cabinet, consider these:

What items do you need to store in the cabinet?

Are you storing largely paper files? Or, do you perhaps need a filing cabinet that can also hold office supplies such as loose pens and sticky notes, staplers and staple wires, paper clips, and other supplies? Modern filing cabinets come in different styles and designs, most of which have several compartments that can hold different items. Go for the one that can handle exactly the items you need them to hold.

How much space do you have for the cabinet?

Check your workspace—can it accommodate a large cabinet, or do you have limited space and need something that will not take up much of your workspace? Look for empty spaces where you can place the cabinet without crowding you. Can it be placed under your standing desk? Or maybe next to another cabinet? Some modern filing cabinets are wider while others are taller—go for one that will match your space.

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How often will you need access to the content of the cabinet?

If the cabinet will hold office files that you need to keep for a long time with you, such as client records or contracts, then you can get a locking file cabinet that you can place in a far corner, which can maybe double as a side table. However, if the items that you expect the cabinet to hold are items that you will use daily, then you need a cabinet that you can easily access. A mobile filing cabinet might be the best option for its ease of movement—you can move it anywhere to get more access to all its contents.

Where will the office file cabinet be placed?

Will you use it in a home office? Or, will it be placed in a public area at work? If it’s the latter, you may opt to get a locking file cabinet so that you can prevent access to the cabinet’s content and will have peace of mind knowing no one can access your files even when you are not there. This is especially important if the files you have in the cabinet contain sensitive information.

Before you decide on an office file cabinet, try to review and answer the questions above. These will help you determine the different features you need from the cabinet and help you identify the right one for you.

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Check the office file cabinet we have here at MotionGrey. It’s a modern locking file cabinet with wheels, so you can easily roll it anywhere when organizing your space. It’s made from heavy-duty steel, comes with three compartments, and is offered in black or white color, both colors perfect for giving your workspace a professional and stylish look. It’s also one of the more affordable modern filing cabinets in the market considering its features vs. its price. Check out this locking file cabinet and see whether it will match your needs.

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