MotionGrey vs. Effydesk Standing Desks: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Selecting the perfect height adjustable sit-stand desk for your workspace can greatly impact your comfort and productivity. Two prominent Canada-based brands in the market, MotionGrey and Effydesk, offer a range of electric standing desks, including those with progressive desk features and integrated cable management systems. The assembly process, preset height settings and exact height ranges, and the desktop quality are also key factors to consider when choosing a desktop. Additionally, the choice of an accompanying ergonomic chair can influence your overall workspace comfortability. 

In this article, we will objectively compare the key features of both desk companies, shedding light on the electric desk product differences that may influence your purchasing decision. 


Standing Desk Motor Reliability and Warranty 


MotionGrey vs. Effydesk comparison

The setup day can be both exciting and challenging, especially when assembly issues arise. Besides the initial assembly process, another vital aspect that consumers need to be aware of when considering different desk manufacturers is their respective return policies. Notably, the fee for returns, including the possible return shipping costs, can add up and should be considered as part of the electric desk purchase in case of electric motor or assembly issues.  

MotionGrey Standing Desk: Superior German Manufactured Bosch Dual Motors 

MotionGrey prides itself on utilizing German-manufactured Bosch dual motors in their standing desks, a distinguishing feature in the desk industry. These motors are known for their superior component quality ensuring consistent and smooth height adjustments over time. Customers can have confidence in the long-lasting performance of MotionGrey's standing desks. Additionally, their warranty covers the motor and control box, key components in the functionality of the electric desk. Should you decide to return your MotionGrey desk, the company's return policy is customer-friendly, generally not involving a restocking fee. 

Effydesk Standing Desk: Motor NT33BN2 by Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology 

Based on our research, Effydesk currently uses Motor NT33BN2, manufactured in China, by Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd. in their standing desks. While these motors perform adequately, they may not match the reliability and durability of MotionGrey's German-made Bosch motors. 

Also, if a return becomes necessary, it's important to note that Effydesk might charge a restocking fee, a frequent practice in the industry. It's crucial to consider the potential differences in motor performance, longevity, and return policy costs between the two brands. Please be aware that while both brands offer motorized options, neither offers a manual crank version of their standing desks. 


Standing Desk Height Adjustability Range and Weight Capacity 

MotionGrey vs. Effydesk comparison

Aspects such as the desk mounts for your monitors, a potential desk treadmill for those who like to keep active while working, the range of height settings, and even the lifting capacity in lbs are all factors that significantly contribute to your overall satisfaction and productivity. Furthermore, the range of accessories offered by the desk manufacturer can help you create a workspace that fits your needs to a tee. Having electric standing desks with adjustable heights, both in terms of their standing height and weight capacity, can truly revolutionize your working experience. Now, let's delve into the height ranges of two popular progressive desk options. 

MotionGrey Standing Desk: Height Ranges of 23.6 to 49.2 Inches 

MotionGrey offers generous adjustable height ranges, accommodating various user preferences. Their standing desks, equipped with a dual motor version control box, can be adjusted from as low as 23.6 inches to a max height of 49.2 inches. This flexibility ensures optimal ergonomics for individuals of different heights and working preferences. Whether you're sitting in an ergonomic chair or standing, the adjustable heights cater to a wide array of needs. The weight capacity of their desks is also substantial, ensuring they can support your office setup without compromise. 

Effydesk Standing Desk: Height Ranges of 28 to 46 Inches 

In comparison, Effydesk’s closest-priced model, the Home Office standing business desk, at $215 higher, provides a height-adjustable range from 28 inches to a max height of 46 inches. While this range may be suitable for many users, those who require lower or higher adjustable heights or have a crowded office setup may find MotionGrey's height ranges and higher weight capacity more accommodating.  


Standing Desk Pricing and Affordability 

MotionGrey vs. Effydesk comparison

Among the more popular choices of standard desks are the sit-stand setups. A height adjustable electric desk comes with versatility and health benefits by allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing. A comparison of the offerings from MotionGrey and Effydesk - two brands known for their quality products and unique selling points - is likely to provide potential buyers with a more informed perspective. One could consider options ranging from the more affordable price point of the MotionGrey standing desks to the more expensive selection of products from Effydesk. Alternatively, one might consider the Fancierstudio riser desk, another excellent choice for those looking for an adjustable setup without investing in traditional complete desk sit-stand setups. 

MotionGrey Standing Desk: Affordable Pricing Starting at $499.99 

Offering an impressive entry level price point, MotionGrey emphasizes affordability without compromising on quality. Their sit-stand desks are priced at $499.99, providing a cost-effective solution for those seeking ergonomic workstations. MotionGrey's competitive pricing structure allows a broader spectrum of individuals to experience the transformative benefits of electric height-adjustable desks without incurring financial strain. 

Effydesk Standing Desk: Premium Prices Starting at $715 

On the other hand, Effydesk's sit-stand desks carry a heftier price tag, with their home office standard desk starting at $715 and their business office desk priced at $835. While their offerings are indeed steep, it's crucial to weigh the price difference against the desktop sizes, extra features, range of height settings, and the potential for long-term comfort and productivity offered by each brand. Only then can one make an informed decision on which sit-stand price point aligns best with one's personal needs and budgetary constraints. 

MotionGrey vs. Effydesk comparison


Standing Desk Tabletop Quality and Selection: 

When it comes to desk surface quality, MotionGrey and Effydesk both source their standard table tops from Jiang Su Ge Lin Furniture Co., Ltd., based in Shanghai. This choice ensures that whether you're considering a motorized desk for your office setup or just aiming for a polished setup at home, you'll receive a top-quality desktop. Upon verification with the manufacturer, it has been confirmed that both companies use identical materials in their MDF table tops. 

In addition to the standard options, both brands offer a catalogue of table tops and desk frame components to choose from. This diverse selection of desk surfaces allows customers to customize their workspace according to their specific preferences, contributing to a personalized and clean desktop. 

In the realm of high-end ergonomic office furniture, we again found that MotionGrey and Effydesk's Terradesk use the same factory - ChopxValue. This shared manufacturing platform underscores the consistent quality between these two brands, whether you're looking for a normal motorized sit-stand desk or something more specialized. 

The only variance in manufacturing comes in the form of solid wood tops. Here, MotionGrey has the edge. Their walnut top is crafted by a local carpenter who harbors a deep passion for wooden products. This specialized attention to detail brings a unique aesthetic touch to MotionGrey's high-end offerings, making the entire desk not just a functional piece but also a statement of style and quality for all office setups. 


Standing Desk Supplier, Frame Selection, and Market Range: 

MotionGrey initially worked with Shaoxing Naite Drive Technology Co., Ltd., a key player in the electric desk control box and components sector, which is presently the table frame supplier for Effydesk. Due to concerns about the quality of the Chinese-manufactured motor, MotionGrey implemented new standards in using the German-manufactured Bosch motors. As the new motor proposed was incompatible with the frame design of Shaoxing Naite, a strenuous process was taken of revamping the supply chain process in order to ensure the highest quality product is produced for customers. 

In the quest to deliver the ideal standing height for all users, MotionGrey decided to opt for an extended frame, providing greater custom height range. The company offers a wide selection of sit stand desks tailored to diverse customer needs, making them a highly competitive brand in North America. 

This decision highlights MotionGrey's commitment to providing reliable and high-performing sit stand desks. The company's determination to maintain high-quality standards, even when faced with challenges in supply chain and frame component compatibility, underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. 


Considering the Market Dynamics of Electric Standing Desks 

Motiongrey Vancouver warehouse

With all of the comparisons above, it's also important to position MotionGrey and Effydesk in the wider competitive market of North America, which includes other competitors like Uplift Desks and Herman Miller. Here are some potential business dynamics which may explain why MotionGrey’s standing desks are priced more affordably than their competitors in the space: 

MotionGrey’s Standing Desk Competitor Pricing: 

The sit-stand price offered by MotionGrey holds a competitive edge when juxtaposed with brands such as Uplift Desks and Herman Miller, which are renowned for their premium pricing structure. Even when compared to models like the Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk or Ikea's only sensible sit-stand desk, MotionGrey's pricing demonstrates its keen balance of affordability and quality. By maintaining top-notch desktop and chair quality while controlling price, MotionGrey is able to deliver outstanding value to customers, thereby carving out a unique niche for itself within the adjustable desk market. 

MotionGrey’s Standing Desk Product Range: 

In addition to their robust range of standing desks, MotionGrey extends its product offerings to include specialized desk solutions. They have introduced type of converter desk options, such as the riser desk, L-shaped electric desk, or a standalone desk converter which provide an affordable and convenient option for customers looking to convert traditional workspaces into more ergonomic environments. 

For customers who prefer more premium desks that allows for additional features, MotionGrey offers a selection of high-end dual motor options that combine superior craftsmanship and advanced functionality. This expanded product line enables MotionGrey dual motor to cater to a wider range of customers and electric desk preferences, potentially leading to higher volumes and lower prices due to economies of scale. 

MotionGrey’s Market Position: 

Standing desk companies often vary significantly in their market positioning. Renowned brands like Herman Miller, for instance, position themselves in the high-end segment of the market, with their prices reflecting their premium status. Their offerings, while being of high quality, can be prohibitive for a significant number of customers, especially in regions like Canada where market dynamics might be different for an electric height adjustable progressive desk and other ergonomic furniture. 

MotionGrey’s Lower Advertising Spend: 

Most online companies, including desk manufacturers like Effydesk, resort to what is known as PPC (paid per click) campaigns on search engines such as Google. While this can be an effective way to gain viewers and boost sales, using it extensively can significantly add to the cost base of the business model. This additional cost is typically accounted for by dividing the monthly ad spend over the total number of sales, which gives an idea of the added cost per acquisition or, in the context of the sit stand desk industry, the added cost base of each individual desk. 

However, in a contrast to Effydesk, MotionGrey, a progressive desk company in Canada, uses a different strategy. Based on a quick SEO Audit, it appears that MotionGrey uses significantly less PPC than Effydesk. This is a strategic move to keep costs lower, focusing on investing in premium components to enhance the quality of their desks and extending their warranty offerings. 

By keeping their advertising spend lower, MotionGrey can ensure that their customers are not burdened with inflated costs due to advertising. This allows them to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price and emphasizes their commitment to providing ergonomic chairs and desks without the premium price tag commonly associated with commercial products. 

Motion’s Grey Standing Desk Volume pricing: 

MotionGrey is Canada’s leading online standing desk supplier with over 40,000 units sold annually. With their higher volume, they can negotiate rock-bottom rates with factories to provide the best value to their customers. 

MotionGrey’s Supply Chain Ownership: 

MotionGrey, as an industry player that takes a proactive stance in the sit-stand desk market, has shown commitment to maintaining affordable prices, even amidst challenging market conditions. Their commitment is particularly exemplified by their decision to purchase and fully own their warehousing facilities. Based on our research, this is a unique move in the industry, making MotionGrey the only major standing desk company to invest significantly in fully owning their warehousing - notably, mortgage-free. 

This strategic decision to own warehouse facilities directly counters the prevailing trend of record-setting lease rate increases. Through this ownership, MotionGrey insulates its consumers from the higher costs that could be passed down due to these lease expenses. Typically, such costs, along with advertising expenses, are often divided over the number of sales and added to the cost per sit stand desk, table, or chair, leading to a higher price point to achieve profit maximization. 

However, MotionGrey's unique ownership approach allows the company to maintain more affordable pricing, even for their range of high-quality and extended frame desks. This strategic move showcases their unwavering commitment to delivering excellent component quality, which includes offering reliable warranty protection. This customer-centric strategy seeks to drive organic revenue growth via customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals, rather than resorting to price hikes for their standing desks. 

MotionGrey’s Differing Business Model: 

Branding in today’s world is far more complex than in the days of the industrial revolution when price was all that mattered to consumers. Many sit stand desk companies set a higher price as part of their brand effort, or simply to obtain a higher profit margin or a mix of both. Other brands prefer lower profit margins but aim for concepts like consumer value, and ultimately higher growth rates. 


The Best Standing Desk for Comfortability and Reliability  

The right standing desk involves considering various factors, including motor reliability, warranty, setup, weight capacity, desk frame quality, capability for cable management elements, and overall value. Both these Made-in-Canada standing companies MotionGrey and Effydesk offers the top-of-the-line adjustable standing desk options equipped with quality dual motors and premium electric components. However, it's crucial to evaluate your specific needs to determine which brand aligns better with your workspace requirements. 

MotionGrey standing desks stand out among desk manufacturers with their use of German-manufactured Bosch motors, broader adjustable heights, affordable pricing, and 30-day risk free return policy. In the type of desk that is offered, MotionGrey provides a couple of desk options that may be a good fit for your workspace. The desk surface of their models is designed to cater to the varying needs of users, making these exact desks a perfect solution for those that seek improved comfortability and productivity in the office.  

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