Standing Desk for Office Employees: Elevate Wellness in the Workplaces

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Office wellness has been a growing topic of conversation in recent years, and more and more employers are paying closer attention to the need to improve the workplace for employees. Office wellness is linked to several factors—workload and schedule, office culture, leadership, including the physical arrangement of the office.

In terms of the latter, many health specialists have recognized the importance of ergonomics in creating a healthy environment that supports employee wellness. And in search of ergonomic solutions, one of the equipment that have stood out is the standing desk.

Canada businesses have slowly converted their offices to ergonomic spaces by replacing traditional cubicles with open workstations, at the core of which are the stand up desks.

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Why Employees Love the Standing Desks

The standing desk breaks the chain of sedentary habits in the workplace. When employees are free to move, no longer confined to their seat, as they work throughout the day, wellness level shoots up.

Pain-free days are here

Back pain has been a growing concern among chair-bound employees who work on their computer every day. By introducing the standing desk, you can now shift between sitting and standing as you work, giving your back muscles the constant stretch that they need to stay engaged and healthy. A study showed 31% of people who stand more experienced reduced back pain compared to those who stayed seated throughout the day—you can be one of them, too!

Healthier lifestyle is attainable

People who stand more at work have lowered chances of developing coronary diseases, type 2 diabetes, and musculoskeletal disorders, conditions linked to a sedentary lifestyle. If you think the nature of your work forever confines you to a life of limited movement, then a standing desk will break that. You can stay healthy at work while still being productive.

You can enjoy more energy

Too tired at the end of the day after spending hours in front of the computer? Limited movement and circulation will do that. Move more and keep blood and oxygen flowing in your body to get an increase in energy levels even past the 8 or 9 hours you spend at the office. The people who move more are proven to have more energy and to have increased level of happy hormones, so it’s time to stand at work!

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Why Employers Love the Standing Desks

While the standing desk provides immediate benefits to its users, the employees, the benefits translate to employers, too.

Employees take fewer absences

Healthier employees mean fewer absences, so you know you always have a complete workforce to deliver the day’s work and keep the organization in top operating level. This leads to a higher level of productivity and more company revenue.

Employers spend less on healthcare costs

Healthier employees mean fewer trips to the doctor, and this could mean lower costs on healthcare for employers. As the rate of healthcare continues to rise, healthy employees are a real asset to any company. And, it often starts by taking good care of your employees.

Employee wellbeing means fewer resignations

When employees are healthy and happy, they are likely to stay in the company for a longer period of time. You can avoid resignations due to illness or burnout by keeping an ergonomic and healthy workplace. In the process, you avoid the costs associated with hiring and training and avoid the pains brought by new people who will need time to adjust to the overall company culture.

The standing desk in the workplace benefits both employees and employers. Consider transforming your office into an ergonomic space—consider adding standing desks.

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