Standing Desk for Students: Boost Your Mind, Perform Better in School

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Standing desks have risen in value in many offices today, helping employees and workers stay healthier at work by moving more and creating an increase in productivity. The good news is, it appears these same benefits are observed in other environments that use a standing desk, such as in school.

Many studies have shown the benefits of the standing desk in the classroom and at home, linking these benefits to students in addressing weight management, brain function, interaction, and the overall habits that kids develop as they grow.

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So how does a standing desk help students?

Studies have shown a correlation between a standing desk and the various facets in the life of the younger population.

The Standing Desk and Obesity in Students

Obesity is a condition that afflicts people of all ages, and it appears to have particularly negative effects not only to the health but also the cognitive function of students.

Studies have linked obesity with students’ poor performance in class, one that has been observed as early as during the first years of a kid in school. Obese children are observed to get lower in test scores, as well as to engage poorly with classmates. However, another study showed an improvement in student engagement when the students were standing with the use of a standing desk, including the obese kids. This means multiple benefits that create a ripple effect in physical health and classroom performance.

The Standing Desk and the Cognitive Ability of Students

One of the top benefits that the standing desk offers is an improvement in the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, which translates to an increase in the amount of oxygen in the brain, and thus an improvement in brain function.

This enables students to get more focus, to receive new information much more openly, and more importantly, retain that information. Standing helps improve ability to memorize, a skill that is crucial in any classroom environment.

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The Standing Desk and Social Development Among Students

The standing desk offers students more opportunity for collaborative work and learning, one that is crucial when it comes to a child’s social development. This works two ways:

  • Standing in class makes it easier to work together with peers and classmates, and this can help in relationship building.
  • Standing also improves the capability of students to think critically and solve problems, so it’s perfect for group activities.

These two-pronged advantages create an optimal environment that helps students grow more holistically.

The Standing Desk and the Building of Healthy Habits in Students

Healthy habits are more easily established and instilled in a person while he is still young, and moving more is one habit that will definitely help students as they transition into adulthood. By instilling the value of more movement, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle among students, they are more likely to practice them in adulthood when they need the habits even more. Starting them young will always be beneficial.

So, do you need a standing desk in the classroom or at home for your students or kids? There are standing desks with a lower height range, perfect for students. Find the right one for your space to help your class or kids perform better and live healthier lives.

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