Study Habits That Can Improve Your Productivity

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Studying for a test or an assignment but feeling like you’re not learning or retaining anything? That’s normal. There are days when it feels like the mind is not ready to take in more information, or it simply needs some preparation and warming up to ‘cooperate’ with you and with what you’re trying to achieve.

study productively

Get the most of the time you allot for studying and make your study time more productive by looking into some simple habits and practices that will make studying more effective for you.

Study habits that will give you optimum results

These habits take consistent practice before they might actually work, but the results are more than worth it. And if you stick to these, they can set you on the right track for a lifetime of learning.

Have a study accountability partner.

An accountability partner is someone you can study with and learn with, someone to keep track of your study activities and whether you are actually doing what you are supposed to do, and vice versa.

accountability partners

Accountability partners motivate each other to stick to study schedules even when the going gets tough, celebrate each other’s successes, and share best practices for continued learning. Find someone with a goal similar to yours and someone you can trust, preferably a friend, and invite him to be an accountability partner in studying.

Understand your best learning style.

Each individual is unique, and each one has a learning style that works best according to the individual’s personality. Understand what type of learner you are so you know how to approach studying best.

 learning style

Are you a night owl or an early bird? This will determine the best time for you to study when your mind is primed to receive and retain more information. Are you able to study better in a quiet environment, or do you feel more productive when studying with your favorite music playing in the background? By understanding this, it will be easier for you to design the best environment for studying. Take some time to think about your learning style and go with it.

Dedicate a time block for studying.

To make studying effective, you need to prime your mind—to make it easier for yourself to go into ‘study mode’ when you need to. There are many ways to do this, one of which is to block a schedule for studying. Is it every morning before you go to school, every night before dinner, or perhaps before you go to sleep?

study time

By dedicating a consistent block of time for studying and sticking to that time block, you are training your mind to go into study mode and become more receptive when you need to absorb some new information.

Create a consistent space for studying.

In relation to the point above, having a designated space for studying is another way to condition your mind to move into study mode. Find a study space at home—it can be a corner in your bedroom or a quiet space somewhere. Arrange the space so that it’s conducive for learning. Set up a desk, a study chair, maybe a lamp if the space needs more lighting, and a speaker paired with your favorite tracks if you study better with music in the background.

study space

Similar to having a dedicated study time, having a dedicated study space will make it easy for you to transition from any other activity you are doing and into studying—the space and time you allot for this activity will serve as a mental bubble that will help get you in the zone.

Take care of yourself first—eat well and rest well.

The mind works better if the body is ready and in good shape. You will likely notice that if you study while hungry, sleepy, or tired, it’s difficult to learn anything. When studying, you need physical preparation as much as mental preparation, and this means the very basic—make sure you’ve eaten well and are well rested.stay healthy

Healthy body, healthy mind—make sure you give your body everything that it needs and that you stay healthy so that you can focus more, think better, and get the best results from your studying.

So, are you ready to study and learn? Check which of the above habits you can start working on today, and then build from there. Find an accountability partner, check your best learning style, dedicate a time and a space for studying, and stay healthy. With all these in mind, studying will not only be easy but also fun! Find more tips on productivity by visiting our Instagram account and checking the hashtag #learninmotion.

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