The Best Way to Use the MotionGrey Standing Desk

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Interested to get the MotionGrey standing desk? Congratulations! This might be the one single decision that will revolutionize your health while working.

The MotionGrey standing desk is an adjustable desk that will encourage you to break free from your sedentary work habits and to be more active at work. An electric standing desk is, at its most basic form, a motor-powered desk that you can adjust from one height to another, often with just a push of a button in the keypad that is built into the desk. This function enables users to sit or stand while they work, thus the other name for this desk, which is the sit stand desk. In Canada, the sit stand desk has become a popular ergonomic addition in homes and offices. It is seen as a promising cure against the sedentary lifestyle that plagues today’s world.

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The MotionGrey Standing Desk

The adjustable desk from MotionGrey is designed for the busy individual, one who lives a dynamic life at work and who needs the versatility and reliability of a speedy and quiet standing desk that can do the job at any given time.

What does this mean for the MotionGrey standing desk, and how does it accomplish this? Well, we endeavor to make the MotionGrey standing desk the best sit stand desk in Canada through the following features:

  • A height range of 23.6” to 50”.
This means that this adjustable desk can cater to users in both the shorter and the taller range, with none of the limits that other desks pose. So it you’re sharing your desk with other users, the MotionGrey standing desk is perfect!
  • A hardy desk that can carry as much as 230lbs.
This means you can place dual monitors on your desk, perhaps a portable printer, and you can expect the desk to handle all that weight without wobbling even at its top height.
  • A speed of 1.5”/sec.
This speed is comparable to that of many standing desks in the market. It will allow you to shift from a sitting height to a standing height, and back, in no time, ensuring that your work is not interrupted.
  • An operating noise of 45dB.
This noise level will allow you to work undisrupted. It’s no more than your regular office noise.

    All of these features make the MotionGrey standing desk one of, if not the best, sit stand desk in Canada. Now the question, how do you make the most out of your adjustable desk so you get all its benefits?

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    5 Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Standing Desk Use

    If you’re ready to get a MotionGrey standing desk or you’ve started using one, check out the following tips to help you make the most of your adjustable desk:

    To maximize the positive health impact: Create a sit-stand routine that works for you

    The first step is to know when you should stand and when you should sit. We are here to tell you there is no one prescribed number or formula that applies across all users. There are suggestions, but ultimately it will depend on you, your capability, and the stage in which you’re in in your sit-stand experience.

    If you’ve been sitting all day long at work, endeavor to reduce your sitting time as you increase your standing time slowly. Perhaps start with a 15min standing time every hour. Once your body has become comfortable with 15mins, try to increase to 30mins, and then maybe to 45mins later on.

    An important reminder is to do this gradually—do not jump into long standing time right away. Otherwise, if the experience is not too good for you, you might get discouraged from using the MotionGrey standing desk right at the onset. So take your time and be patient with yourself. What’s important here is to be consistent about it.

    To help you adjust to standing faster: Get an anti-fatigue mat

    If you find that using an adjustable desk makes you tired, it’s either you are standing more than you should at this point or you simply need some extra help to stand more. Consider an anti-fatigue mat, a soft rubber mat that can help absorb all the impact caused by standing on a concrete floor.

    This is a simple mat that can help alleviate the strain from standing, and it is equipped with ridges and knobs that can also massage and help your feet relax.

    woman stretching

    To add more movement: Add a set of stretching and simple desk exercises

    You’ve taken the first step by standing more—why not take it a little further by also doing some stretching in your workstation, whether sitting or standing, as well as doing some desk exercises? This will help level up your physical activity at work and contribute towards your overall health.

    Check out some desk exercises you can try in this blog post.

    To maximize your space: Get a set of monitor arms

    The MotionGrey standing desk can handle several equipment. However, if you’re a stickler for organization and you want your desk less cluttered, maybe freeing up your desk will help your space breathe more freely.

    A set of monitor arms will help you reposition your monitors, placing them above your desk so your desk surface will be free. Apart from giving you more space, a monitor arm will also help with the easy adjustment of your monitor height, ensuring that they are always at the correct position relative to your eye level. This helps with preventing eye strain.

    Lastly, the adjustability of monitor arms will create a tidy look in your desk. Just pull the monitors when you need to use them and push them back flushed against the wall or wherever your desk is located to keep them from getting in your way.

    So, are you ready for the benefits offered by the best sit stand desk in Canada? It’s time to try the MotionGrey standing desk, your handy adjustable desk.

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