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In the busy life of many people today, how do you keep the right balance? How do you make your days efficient, enjoyable, and healthy? Here at MotionGrey, we look into even the smallest elements that make up a day, and we’re happy to share one of the newest products in our line-up of ergonomic solutions—the electric scooter for adults.

Busy days, stressful rush hours, even rising gas prices—these are the problems we endeavor to address with one of two newest solutions in our product line. We came up with what we envision to be the best electric scooter in Canada, a combination of power, versatility, and innovation.

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The MotionRide Electric Scooter for Adults

We call the MotionRide electric scooter for adults as the epitome of urban mobility. In today’s growing cities where people lead busy lives, where space is a resource that seems to grow smaller day by day, we envision empowered individuals who go beyond the limits and find ways to get things done and to maintain a high quality of living with the choices they make.

Go electric, go compact, go for electric scooters—this must be the mantra of the modern urban traveler.

So what makes the MotionRide electric scooter for adults the best electric scooter in Canada? Let us go back to the three core qualities mentioned above.


This electric scooter for adults comes in two varieties—the Motionride and the MotionRide Plus. The difference is in their power, the former equipped with a 250W motor and the latter with a 350W motor. Apart from a powerful motor, they also feature a high-power battery, with the MotionRide coming with a 7.8Ah 36v battery while the MotionRide Plus sports a 10.4Ah battery. This combination ensures that the scooter will take you where you need to go fast, and this is just one element that makes it the best electric scooter in Canada.

These MotionGrey electric scooters have a top speed of 25km/hr, perfect for individuals with a high-paced lifestyle and who need as much mobility as they can get. This electric scooter for adults can also carry load of up to 260lbs, so you know you will not be limited as a user.

motiongrey electric scooter for adults


Busy highways? High-trafficked roads? Narrow streets?

Expect the best electric scooter in Canada to be able to handle those! The MotionGrey electric scooter for adults is a sturdy scooter with a steel body and solid pneumatic tires. The tires have a honeycomb style and do not need to be inflated regularly. They are paired with an advanced suspension system that enables them to navigate all kinds of terrains.

The electric scooter comes in three modes. Choose the mode according to your environment. Whether it’s an urban road, a rugged offroad track, or somewhere in between, you can customize this electric scooter for adults to give you the most comfortable riding experience. It’s powerful enough to navigate all kinds of terrain and compact and small enough to handle narrow streets and speedily navigate through vehicles on the road.

In addition to all these, this MotionGrey electric scooter is equipped with a one-touch folding system that transforms it from a powerful scooter to a nifty, easy to carry ride in just a few seconds and with just one touch. It weighs only 26.4lbs, so it’s easy to carry and transport wherever your destination is. Truly the best electric scooter in Canada!


The ability for high speed and the ability for navigating various types of terrains—these are just one side of the entire picture that makes the MotionGrey electric scooter for adults works. On the other side is a picture of sustainability and reliability.

Many electric scooters promise quick charging as one key benefit, and the MotionGrey electric scooter delivers on that promise with only a 4-7 hours of fast charging time before reaching full battery level. This intelligent battery system is accessible through a LED display that will allow you to track your battery life so you are empowered in your daily transport.

Bluetooth connection makes operating the scooter so much easier and simpler. This, plus the dedicated apps to the scooter, will give you complete access to control your riding experience. As a bonus, the scooter has a sleek and sophisticated style, one you can be proud of on the road.

motiongrey electric scooter

If daily commute or daily driving is adding to your day-to-day stress, it might be time to consider the MotionGrey electric scooter for adults. All its top features not only make it the best scooter in Canada but also one that will be a reliable partner to you, taking you where you need to go in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Enjoy a healthy life, live a sustainable lifestyle, and shift to an electric scooter for adults today. Try the MotionGrey electric scooter, the best scooter in Canada.

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