The Best Ways to Add Movement to the Day-to-Day Schedule of Employees in Your Office

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When you imagine a typical workday in the office, the first image that probably comes to mind is rows and rows of employees seated on their desk, typing on their computer. Such is the common scenario in many workplaces today, and it’s a dangerous lifestyle. Prolonged sitting is fatal, and it can cause long-term diseases.


So how do you break the image and encourage your employees to move more and be active as they work?

5 Tips to Incorporate Movement at Work

Below are 5 things you can do to make moving more natural in your workplace:

Replace regular desks with standing desks

They are adjustable in height and can be used sitting or standing. The latter has proven effective in keeping people moving by constantly shifting their weight between their two feet, engaging the muscles. And, it’s easier to encourage employees to stand more if their desks can be adjusted from sitting to standing height more easily—standing becomes natural, and it’s easier to develop the habit.


Add perching stools in the workplace

These are stools designed for perching—or, semi sitting. This means you are partly seated and partly standing, and you keep moving in the seat to adjust and maintain balance. This seat will allow employees to stand and still remain supported. They can continue standing without getting strained and fatigued. It makes standing easier so that employees are encouraged to stand and move more.

Introduce standing meetings

Not only do standing meetings will give everyone the opportunity to get up from their seat, stand, and move, but it’s also proven that standing can help people think more clearly and become more creative. This is perfect for brainstorming sessions and for discussions that do not require being glued to a laptop or being confined to the conference room. Standing meetings can also be more casual, helping all participants to be at ease enough to participate more.

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Encourage stretching in between work

Help your employees break prolonged sitting by encouraging them to stand, move, and stretch at certain times during the day. Allot a few minutes for stretching. You can also add reminders around the workplace. By doing this, you make health a priority in the workplace and incorporate it in your overall work culture.


Consider exercise programs and initiatives at work

As part of wellness programs for employees, you can come up with initiatives that prioritize health, movement, and exercise. Some organizations partner with health institutions and offer discounted gym membership to their employees. Others conduct programs such as “The Biggest Loser” to encourage employees to lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. Find someone from your team with a passion for health and fitness and engage that individual in the development of programs that will benefit the entire workplace. It can be both a practical and a fun activity.

Making health a priority in the workplace can have long-standing benefits. It will keep employees healthy and more productive, save you as an employer from healthcare costs, and will increase employee engagement and appreciation. Consider the items we enumerated above and see which of them you can apply in your workplace right away.

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