The Top 5 Health Risks Brought by Prolonged Sitting

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Most of us already know this—a sedentary lifestyle is a dangerous lifestyle, and one that most of us are trapped in. Much of the work that we do require sitting. Even our hobbies and interest, watching TV or playing computer games, have compelled us to remain immobile, hunched over a desk and a computer or glued to the television for hours.

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And without us knowing, our body is slowly deteriorating—and in so many ways. If you need reminding, we outline all the negative effects brought by immobility and a sedentary lifestyle in this blog post.

The Dangers of Immobility: All the Reasons You Should Move More

From physical health to mental health, prolonged sitting can have negative effects on a person’s overall wellbeing.


In an ideal situation, any fat or calorie people take in from their diet, they are able to burn when they move and do physical activities. However, the life of many people today does not accommodate much movement. As a result, fats and calories build up in the body, causing many to gain more and more weight and accumulate fats in specific body parts.

The dangerous part about this is the fact that obese people are more likely to develop illness. In fact, research says that people suffering from obesity are three times more at risk to COVID-19. This brings us to the next point.


Critical Illness

Lack of movement takes its toll on crucial organs in the body. Proper circulation is key to making organs work properly, allowing them to pass on and receive important elements such as blood and glucose. And, circulation happens only when the body is moving, the muscles are engaged, and key body parts are active.

The lack of proper circulation can be attributed to certain critical diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure. And while these don’t happen overnight, they are very difficult to address and cure once they’ve set in. The only real solution is prevention, which can only happen if people continue to move more.

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Physical Pain

Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are common complaints among employees and workers who work 9-hour jobs in front of a computer. Sitting for a long time, especially if you have poor posture, will put strain on your spine and bones, causing pain.

Even more serious than pain is osteoporosis, which is almost permanent and can be debilitating. It is caused by weakening of the bones, which can happen with prolonged inactivity. The critical part about this is that osteoporosis is irreversible, and it can be a lifetime disease.


Muscle Atrophy

Health is largely associated with balance, muscles working in harmony and body parts in their best condition. And to keep everything working well, the body must stay in its natural state and the parts must continue to remain working as they should.

Immobility disrupts this flow. Muscles are disengaged, and in the process, they shrink and deteriorate. Posture suffers and before you know it, you’ll notice your muscles no longer working as they should. And in many cases, this onset is only the beginning of continuous deterioration.


Poor Mental Health

Various hormones in the body are regulated by movement, and these hormones greatly affect our mood and overall personal outlook. Active people are generally happier, partly because endorphins are associated with movement and an active lifestyle.

On the contrary, people with a sedentary lifestyle have less energy, are less productive, and have poor focus. Depression is also tied to inactivity, making movement that much more crucial.

Sitting may look like a harmless activity. But like so many things, too much and it becomes harmful. Make sure you keep sitting in check and make it a point to stay active. Stay healthy. Move more.

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