The Right Way to Use an Ergonomic Office Chair to Cure Back Pain

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Are you experiencing back pain when you sit on your ergonomic office chair to work? An ergonomic chair is designed to keep your body comfortable and pain free, allowing you to find the most natural position while you work—or play game, if you use it as a gaming chair. Its ergonomic design provides extra care for your back so you can work in comfort.

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However, if you notice the recurrence of back pain when sitting on your ergonomic office chair, there are only two possible reasons. One, you might have the wrong office chair. Or two, you are not using your ergonomic chair in the correct way, leading to discomfort and pain.

Before we check and consider the first possible scenario, let’s take a closer look first at all the possible ways you can improve your ergonomic chair sitting experience.

How to Use an Ergonomic Chair Correctly

From height adjustment to the use of the correct ergonomic chair accessories, there are things you can do to improve your use of your ergo chair. Check out the following:

Adjust the ergonomic chair properly

The best ergonomic chairs out there are equipped with several adjustment options, from height adjustment to adjustments in tilt angle and recline tension.

Adjusting your office chair to the correct height will ensure that your feet will be flat on the floor and you are comfortable and fully supported while seated. Meanwhile, the right recline angle will give you support whether you are working or resting. This ensures your back is protected and comfortable no matter what position you are in.

Get the right cushion

Your chair cushion determines your level of comfort, and having the right one can spell the different between a painful and a pain-free experience. The right cushion is especially important if you spend longer times in your chair. And when it comes to chair cushion, you need both quantity and quality.

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By quantity, we mean that cushion must be present not only in one part of the chair but in several parts—in the back support, in your seat pan, including the armrest. You will find office chair with a built-in lumbar support, an extra cushion that you can move up or down so that you get the support you need to specific areas of your back. This way, you can find the most comfortable position in your chair. The seat cushion, on the other hand, is important to keep your seat surface comfortable, and this is where cushion quality comes in. Flimsy cushion will easily deflate, and before long you might start feeling your seat frame poking you as the cushion gets thinner and thinner. We highly recommend memory foam, or an equivalent, for its quality and longevity.

Use a foot rest

A foot rest is not a part of an ergonomic office chair, but it is an extra accessory that will go a long way. One of the causes of back pain is insufficient support for your feet and legs. If you sit all day, the circulation in your lower body slows down, and you might start feeling numb and tingly on your legs.

The lack of leg support also adds extra strain on the surrounding muscles, including muscles on your back. This, in turn, affects the back and causes discomfort. A foot rest will give you an opportunity to elevate your feet to provide extra support, improve circulation, and give both your leg and back muscles some relief.

Install a headrest

A headrest supports the head and neck, thereby alleviating the pressure from the back muscles caused by you having to balance your head without extra support for a whole day or so. This takes a toll on the back muscles, even if you may not notice it.

The installation of a headrest on your ergonomic office chair will provide your head an extra layer of support, freeing your back muscles from having to take all the pressure from the work it has to do to support the head.

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Is it time to replace your ergonomic office chair?

Once you have considered the several options available to upgrade your ergonomic chair or get accessories to complement it, it might be worth checking, too, if it is time to get a chair upgrade. Sure, wear and tear can be addressed by certain fixes, and upgrades are always an option. However, there might be instances when a new chair is the best solution to a problem.

Here are three signs that it is time to get a new ergonomic office chair:

Excessive wear and tear

If you’ve refurbished your ergonomic chair several times but you are still not getting your desired performance from it, check if it has reached the point where the best option for you is to retire it and get a new office chair. Problems like frayed fabric, worn-out padding, broken wheels, loose screws, or a combination of these may be signs that a new chair is now a must.

Persistent discomfort

If you continue to experience discomfort or pain despite making adjustments to your ergonomic chair, it could indicate that the chair no longer meets your ergonomic needs. This could be due to changes in your body or the chair losing its supportive properties over time. Consider replacing it with a new one.

The chair is way past its recommended lifespan

Some manufacturers provide guidelines on the expected lifespan of their chairs. If your chair has reached or exceeded this recommended lifespan, it may be a good idea to start considering a replacement.

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