The Top 5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Working Day

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Not moving enough at work? You’re not alone! In fact, research shows that only about 21% of adults meet the required amount of activity to stay healthy. And if your work entails being in front of the computer for most of the day, there is a high likelihood that you don’t belong to those 21%. Now the question is—what can you do to increase your chances of moving more at work and living a healthier work lifestyle?

You’ve likely heard about ergonomic standing desks, adjustable office chairs, and other ergonomic office furniture designed to provide body support to improve health and to encourage more movement. But are these enough?

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Take a look at the simple and easy things you can do to climb up the movement scale at work.


We’ve mentioned this already when we mentioned electric standing desks, and for good reason. Computer work is almost always associated with sitting, but it doesn’t need to be. Standing desks are designed to automatically adjust in height so you can work seated or standing and move from one position to the other with ease.

One excellent benefit was shown by a study conducted to measure blood sugar levels between those who stay seated throughout their day at work and those who alternated between sitting and standing while working. The study revealed that a reduction of up to 11.1% in blood sugar spikes was evident among those who alternated between sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

Apart from alternating between sitting and standing, find other opportunities to stand—hold standing meetings, stand when talking on the phone, or simply stand and stretch at various times of the day.


This is perhaps one of the simplest things you can do to add movement to your day, and there are many ways to do this.

  • If you need to talk to a colleague, resist the urge to pick up the phone and call. Instead, walk to his workstation and talk to him face to face, especially if you are on the same building or floor.
  • Hydration needs? Bring a tumbler at work, but not too big that it would fill your need for the entire day—instead, just enough so that you can walk to the water cooler once in a while throughout your workday.
  • Get up from your workstation during lunch. Find time to mingle with colleagues at the pantry. Walk around, socialize, and build both your health and your work relationships.


Go out

An alternative to socializing with your colleagues during lunch time is to go out and walk around the neighborhood. Take your to-go bag with you, go down the building, walk the streets, and enjoy the sun. Find a neighborhood park and have your lunch there.

This is not only helpful when it comes to adding more movement to your day but can also be good for your mental health. It’s an opportunity to put some distance between you and the stresses of work, allowing you to think more clearly out in the open so that when you go back to work in the afternoon, you are more relaxed, calmer, and more productive.


… The stairs. Most offices are equipped with elevators, but if you’re going only a floor up or down, why not take the stairs instead? This will definitely add to your steps for the day, increasing your movement and giving all those muscles the opportunity to stretch and be active, thereby improving your circulation, too.

So, ditch the elevator and climb those stairs instead the next time you’re going a floor up or down the office.



Many individuals are now doing this—heading to work in their exercise clothes and biking to work. It’s an instant workout, and the adrenaline rush will definitely give you the morning boost that you need to power through all the tasks of the day.

If you have a bike, find a good route to work and check if you have bike parking at the office. Have some office clothes ready in your locker so that next time, you can go to work in your exercise and bike gear and just change to your office clothes upon arrival.

Easy, huh? Adding more movement to your day doesn’t need to be tough and complicated. All it takes is to check which of your old habits can be replaced with a healthier habit, or which new habit you can add to your day. Is it alternating between sitting and standing with an electric standing desk? Finding ways to walk more in the office or go out during lunch? Climbing the stairs instead of the elevator? Biking to work?

Pick one habit that you can start doing today and remember to do it consistently so that soon, it will become second nature and you wouldn’t even have to think twice about it.

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