The Worst Habits Associated with Turtleneck Syndrome and Alternative Solutions

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Neck pain, stiffness on the upper back and shoulders, muscle spasms, and headache. These in themselves can be caused by different things. However, if you experience two or more of these symptoms simultaneously, there is a high likelihood that you are suffering from turtleneck syndrome.

What is Turtle Neck Syndrome?

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Turtleneck syndrome is a condition that afflicts the neck, thus the name, and the surrounding muscles and body parts such as the upper back, shoulders, and even the head. It is caused by the compression and tightening of the muscles in the said areas due to the strain that they suffer, brought about by certain habits. Turtle neck syndrome is a relatively new term that arose recently, seemingly as a result of people’s growing use of electronic devices.

What Causes Turtleneck Syndrome?

Although turtle neck syndrome is associated with the use of electronic devices, there are actually many other factors linked with this condition. Check out the following:

Excessive use of mobile devices

As has been mentioned, this is the primary cause of turtle neck. The condition is also called text neck because one of the leading factors linked with turtleneck syndrome is the habit of texting. When people text, they assume a posture of looking down, with their neck extended forward.

Studies reveal that the weight your neck (and spine) has to hold increases drastically when you assume a posture of holding your head forward. For every inch you hold your head forward, there is a corresponding increase of 10 pounds in the weight that the neck and spine have to handle. This can lead to a lot of pressure on the surrounding muscles, causing turtleneck syndrome.

Using a chair without a headrest

Does your work involve heavy use of the computer? Do you often play video games at home for rest and recreation? If you do, then you probably spend a considerable amount of time seated on your chair. If you use a chair that does not have a headrest, then you probably feel some tiredness on your neck and shoulders after a while. This can contribute to turtle neck syndrome.

A headrest provides the necessary support to your head and upper body, and it is an important component of every office or gaming chair. If you are using a chair that does not have a headrest, perhaps it is time to consider getting one.

Prolonged sitting when working on a computer

Apart from using an office or gaming chair that does not have a headrest, the actual amount of time you spend sitting on your chair can also contribute to turtleneck syndrome. Too much sitting leaves little time for movement, and keeping your muscles locked in a single position for a long period of time can cause numbness and stiffness, which may eventually lead to turtle neck.

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Incorrect posture

Do you find that you tend to slouch when sitting or hunch over your computer when working? These postures are harmful not only to the neck but to other parts of your body. Keeping your body in an unnatural position places undue strain on different body parts, and this includes the neck. The symptoms may not be felt for a while, but over time you will notice back pain and muscle strain, and when ignored these can lead to more serious musculoskeletal problems. To address and fix turtle neck, make sure to be mindful of your posture.

Sleeping in an awkward position

Though this is not very common, assuming an unnatural position when sleeping can lead to turtleneck syndrome. If you sleep facing down and spend the night with your head facing only one position, you might wake up with stiffness on the neck muscles. In the same way, using the wrong pillows and assuming bad sleeping posture can both lead to turtle neck, as well.

Given all the causes of turtleneck syndrome, it’s now easy to say that the first step to addressing this issue is to avoid all of the things mentioned above. Apart from that, there are other additional things you can do and habits you can build in order to avoid and fix turtle neck.

How to Fix Turtle Neck?

Want to avoid turtleneck syndrome and remain pain free and comfortable? Remember the following:

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Limit screen time

Don’t spend too much time on your phone or your computer. When you do, there is a tendency to bend your head forward and look down without you even noticing it. And the moment you do, expect to suffer from neck pain or other forms of discomfort.

Practice proper posture

Limiting screen time is one. Every time you use your gadgets, ensure, too, that you keep your neck straight and your shoulders relaxed so that your muscles will not grow stiff and you will not suffer from any pain.

Take breaks and do stretches

If you have to look down on your laptop or tablet, make sure that you break whatever posture you are in by taking... A break—perhaps by standing up from your chair, rotating your neck one way, and then another, and then stretching your back and shoulders. These will stimulate your muscles to help you relax.

Exercise regularly

Apart from stretches, it will help keep your overall body healthy if you remain physically active. So don’t stop at stretches. Create an exercise routine that will stimulate your muscles and your entire body.

Use supporting accessories

If you want to fix turtle neck, stop the habits causing turtleneck syndrome. If you find that you constantly look down on your phone and you have a hard time changing this habit, perhaps find a way to elevate your device so that it is at eye level whenever you use your gadgets. Risers and holders can help with this.

To conclude, turtleneck syndrome may be on the rise in recent years, but there is a way to avoid and to address the condition in case you feel you may be suffering from it.

Ergonomic solutions can help. Risers and stands can keep your gadgets at the correct eye level. The right office chair with a headrest can ensure you remain comfortable when seated. All of these, and more, are available right here at MotionGrey! Check our catalog to find the right solutions to fix turtle neck!

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