The Top 5 Ways to Use the MotionGrey Standing Desk for Best Health Results

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Are you considering a MotionGrey standing desk and wondering whether it’s the right choice to improve your daily level of activity at work? A sit to stand desk like the one from MotionGrey is designed to elevate your lifestyle and keep you more active even if you have to work on your computer all day. And if you want to reap the benefits of this desk, the first step is choosing the right MotionGrey standing desk for you.

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The MotionGrey standing desk comes in different varieties, whether single or dual motor, laminated or wooden desk top. It is an electric desk that comes packed with features, from the frame to the motor to the top. So how do you take advantage of these features, and what are some best practices you need to remember in order to get the most of this sit to stand desk?

Tips for Using the MotionGrey Standing Desk

From adding accessories to improving your sitting and standing habits, there are some things you can do to maximize the benefits and features of the sit to stand desk from MotionGrey. Check out the following:

Set it at the correct height

Perhaps the most important of the first things you need to do when you have finally found the right MotionGrey standing desk for you is to (1) ensure that the electric desk matches your own height and (2) to set the height to the correct level and save it.

Every electric desk from MotionGrey comes with a memory keypad that allows users to set the desk at the height most convenient to them, as well as save that height for easy access later on. The correct height will allow you to comfortably place your arms on the desk at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor and your back relaxed. This will ensure proper posture and a relaxed, pain-free body.

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Take care of your feet

When you stand while working with the help of the Motiongrey standing desk, you are putting extra pressure on your legs and feet. To help you stay comfortable and allow you to get used to standing more, make sure to wear footwear that is soft and capable of providing extra support to your feet. High heels are not advisable, as they can add more strain to your feet and lead to fatigue.

If you want more standing support, you may also consider using an anti-fatigue mat when working on a sit to stand desk. This is a flat rubber mat that helps absorb the pressure from the concrete surface you are standing on. You may also find an anti-fatigue mat with knobs and ridges as extra features—they can massage your feet and provide extra stimulation to your soles to promote circulation.

Elevate your monitors

Constantly looking down on your laptop or computer monitors can have negative effects on your muscles, and this is being closely linked to the condition Turtleneck Syndrome. Improper monitor placement, such as incorrect height or angle, can also lead to both eye strain and muscle strain. One way to address the problem is to elevate your monitor with either a laptop or monitor stand or a set of monitor arms. These will bring your monitors higher and allow for easy monitor adjustment.

As an extra benefit, risers and monitor arms can also free up space on your MotionGrey standing desk, and this can be extremely beneficial if you are using dual monitors that might crowd your sit to stand desk. A set of monitor arms, specifically, can help organize and tidy up your space.

Find your rhythm

This pertains to the sitting and standing routine that you will develop when you start using the electric desk from MotionGrey. The best way to form the sit-stand habit is to do it regularly and consistently—create a rhythm that works for you.

Start by adding a few minutes of standing for every hour that you work, say 15 minutes standing followed by 45 minutes sitting, and so on. Over time, you will notice that you are able to stand longer, and then you can build your standing time while decreasing your sitting time. This is a gradual way of breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle, and consistency will determine your success. But first, create the routine and stick to it.

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Take it a notch higher with desk stretches and exercises

Creating a sit-stand habit is a start, and later on when you have developed the habit, you can supplement this with more active exercises and short workouts in between tasks. Check out your options below:

  • Do some standing desk stretches—you may get a guide of simple exercise to follow HERE.
  • Pair your MotionGrey standing desk with a walking pad so that you can walk when doing small office tasks such as answering emails.
  • Another option would be a mini pedal bike as you work on your sit to stand desk, paired with an underdesk elliptical machine for when you are seated.

Are you ready to embark on a new, more active, and healthier lifestyle? Let the MotionGrey standing desk help you. Just set it to the correct height to get started, make sure you wear the right shoes and perhaps use an anti-fatigue mat, elevate and reposition your monitors, create your sit-stand rhythm, and supplement your sit-stand lifestyle with exercises.

All of these combined will give you a higher chances of success in developing a healthy work habit that will stick with you and be part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

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