The Worst Habits that Cause Back Pain at Work

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Back pain has become an all-too-common condition in many workplaces today. The growing sedentary lifestyle in many offices has led to a high percentage of employees and workers suffering from different kinds of health conditions, and at the top of the list is back pain.

Sitting appears to be the main cause of this condition, but not merely sitting—the position and timing are primary factors surrounding this problem.

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Sitting, Ergonomics, and Other Factors that Affect Back Pain

If you work in an office and your schedule often requires you to stay on your chair for the most part of the day, back pain may be a regular part of your experience. However, you must know that you don’t need to suffer—there is relief and cure, and you can alleviate the pain. Check out the factors that contribute to back pain to learn how to improve your situation.

Prolonged sitting

The primary factor that contributes to back pain in the workplace is the length of time people spend on their seats without moving. When your back muscles are locked in one position for hours, you can expect them to feel numb and stiff at the end of the day, and this might be causing a lot of strain on your muscles and your spine.

The solution is to break free from prolonged sitting. Use a standing desk to alternate between sitting and standing as you work. Reduce sitting time and increase your standing time—a standing desk can help you with that. Do small exercises at work. Walk around. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Find moments to get up from your chair and move.

Poor posture

Do you often slouch on your chair? Do you have a tendency to lean forward when typing on your computer? Poor posture is a common challenge among many individuals whose work requires long hours of sitting. Often, focused on work, you don’t notice that you have assumed an awkward sitting position in your chair. You only notice you are suffering from back pain at the end of the day.

Apart from standing and moving often to correct your posture, post notes around your space to remind you to sit up straight and relax your body while seated. This will help you to correct your posture whenever you notice you’re slouching or hunched over your keyboard.

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Using the wrong office chair

Does your office chair give you enough support? Is it still in prime condition and comfortable to sit in? There are instances when back pain is caused by insufficient support from the chair. If the lumbar support is not made well, or if the foam padding has now grown thin, these might cause discomfort and pain.

Remember to equip your space with an ergonomic desk chair, one that has enough adjustability features to meet your body’s unique needs and keep you comfortable on your seat.

Back pain may have become all too common an experience for you, but you can break free. Design your environment to make it conducive to working comfortably and practice the right healthy habits to take care of your body.

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