Top 10 Ergonomic Christmas Gifts for Your Work Colleagues

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Merry Christmas, MG Fam! Is your Christmas list ready? First up—your Christmas gifts! Shopping can be one of the most fun, but also most stressful, parts of any Christmas preparation, so better do it early! If you have not done your listing and shopping yet and are still looking for gift ideas, we have prepared a list of ergonomic gifts you can give your work colleagues (or even your family), from ergonomic furniture to ergonomic accessories!

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Why ergonomic gifts for your work colleagues, you ask? Well, practicality is the new norm when it comes to gift giving. Gone are the days of gifts that will simply collect dust in the corner. To give a gift that will truly be appreciated by your employees or colleagues, think function and benefits. And when it comes to these, ergonomic gifts are among those on top of the list. They are practical, and they provide lasting benefits in health, productivity, and overall work quality.

The next question to ask is—what ergonomic gifts, specifically? Read on for some helpful suggestions.

The 10 Practical Ergonomic Gifts to Give This Christmas

Depending on your budget, and perhaps your position in the organization, here are some suggestions:

Standing desk

Sit-stand desks are all the rage these days, but they’re not only a trend. The reason they’ve become so popular among office workers is that they actually provide real and tangible benefits. From back pain relief and weight management to productivity and creativity, these are much needed gifts in the workplace—and one that you can give in the form of a standing desk.

This will be even more appreciated by employees who are working from home and who may need upgrades in the desk they are using to get their work done.

standing desk

Ergonomic Office Chair

The perfect partner to a standing desk, an adjustable office chair can help your employee or colleague get through a tough day without pain and with minimal stress. An adjustable mesh chair or leather chair will offer much needed support on the back, shoulder, neck, head, arms, and legs to take care of the body no matter what position it is in. This can go a long way if work in your office entails being on the seat for long hours.

office workstation

Steel File Cabinet

Clutter is considered one of the productivity killers in any workplace, and it usually happens when there isn’t enough space provided for all the materials an employee uses in his day-to-day work. You can help your employee or colleague stay productive by helping him control clutter. A mobile file cabinet is perfect for holding and keeping paper files and office supplies, leaving the desk free for only the most important items—clean desk, clear mind, and productive body!

steel file cabinet

Webcam Mic

Does your colleague’s work entail hours spent in virtual meetings with remote co-workers? Give his mic and webcam an upgrade by gifting him with a high-quality webcam microphone that will ensure crystal clear images and sounds. You can find a portable and user-friendly device that can be easily clipped on and can be used right away.

webcam mic


The right noise-cancelling headphones will be a great help to colleagues who spend long hours in virtual meetings, especially if they are working from home where noise and distractions can be a challenge. It’s a gift that’s practical and well thought out, something your employees or colleagues will definitely thank you for.

wireless charger

Wireless Charger

A modern gift for a modern recipient! Give your employees or colleagues a gift that will match their busy, on-the-go lifestyle. A portable wireless charger that can simultaneously charge several devices is something every man and woman needs. Find a sleek and stylish charger that can pack some serious power, able to handle smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices.


Ergonomic Mouse, Keyboard, or Mouse Pad

Help your employees or colleagues take care of their health while they take care of the work at the office. These ergonomic accessories are small gifts that provide big benefits. They can prevent certain debilitating conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, one of the most common health complaints in workplaces which affect about 3% to 6% of adults. These conditions are harmful to both employees and employers, as they also translate to work hours lost due to pain and treatment. You can help prevent these conditions with ergonomic accessories.

anti fatigue mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you have a colleague who has started a health journey in alternating between sitting and standing, an anti-fatigue mat is a perfect gift! This mat helps relieve leg pain when standing on a prolonged period of time by absorbing the strain that would otherwise be transmitted to the leg muscles. Find a mat that has the right level of thickness and with extra features such as massage balls for additional comfort.

desk lamp

Desk Office Lamp

An office lamp is both an aesthetic and functional gift—it will add not only light but also a dash of character to any space. And the good thing about this is that you have options when it comes to color and style. Find one that is sleek, lightweight, and minimalist, able to complement the desk or room it will be added in.

massage gun

Massage Gun

Help your employees or colleagues keep the stress away with a portable and handy massage gun, perfect for those days when sore muscles and aching joints are causing havoc and distractions. A portable massage gun is perfect for office or home use, for an instant relief from pain or for a deeper relaxation after a long, hard day at the office. It’s a gift that will never go wrong!

So, are you ready to do your shopping? You can start right here! We have a complete selection of ergonomic equipment and ergonomic accessories that you, your employees, or your colleagues will definitely love! Find the right one according to your budget and give the right gift this holiday season. Shop now!

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