Creating the Right Holiday Mood for your Workstation

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Just a few days to go before Christmas! Have you done your decorating?

While most people focus on decorating their bedroom, living room, or the kitchen during the holiday season, sprucing up your home office or your workstation for the holidays can also make working more fun. And, it doesn’t have to be a big decorating project. Sometimes, all it takes is adding small decorative pieces to give your standing desk, your office chair, and your entire working space a holiday cheer!

workstation decorating

In this blog post, we’ll share a few helpful tips to help you decorate with ease.

How to Bring the Holiday Cheer to Your Workspace

From preparation to actual decorating, we hope these 7 tips will help you liven up your space.

Prepare your workstation

When creating a holiday mood, every element in your space must come together. And to achieve that, the first step is to declutter. Remove any unwanted material on your and retain only what’s necessary. The first step is preparation, which mainly involves cleaning up your space.

Remember that less is more

This is true when it comes to decorating, even for the holidays. You have likely seen spaces cramped with decorations and the colors red and green, but you don’t want that in your workspace. Too much visual elements and you’re bound to have a hard time focusing on what you need to do. Keep it to a handful of decorations, maybe a small and mini tree on your adjustable standing desk or a couple of Santa figurines.

Go natural

Who says you need to buy your decorations? Some of the quaintest decorative items you can get, you can actually find around you. Imagine a few painted acorns creatively placed together on your stand-up desk, a wreath made from a natural branch of leaves, or even a small plant for your tree. Bringing nature in will give your space a fresh, new look.

decorating the natural way

Play with colors and lights

Small string lights, a decorative lamp on your office desk, or some splash of colors in your space (let’s put that computer wallpaper to good use, shall we?) - these can give your workstation a magical, festive mood. The secret is to creatively arrange the elements so that they do not clash but instead come together to create the overall look you want to achieve.

holiday decorating with lights

Go beyond visuals

When it comes to creating a mood, it goes more than just visual decorations, more than just the stocking you hang on the wall or the tree you set up in a corner. You can also create a festive atmosphere with sounds and scents. Prepare a playlist of your favorite Christmas songs and play it during your breaktime, to start or end your day in holiday spirit. In addition, light in some scented candles, sit back on your office chair, and allow yourself to be transported to Christmas land.

Showcase your personality

Who says your home office needs to look all business-like and formal and boring? Now that the holiday season is here, it’s the perfect opportunity to have fun and be creative. Transform your standing desk (or a certain area in it) into Santaland. Check out this workstation, one of the inspiring set-ups we’ve always loved, which showcases its user’s personality.

decorating with colors and lights

Go lowkey with holiday fabrics

If decorative items are not your thing, how about adding some functional items with a touch of holiday cheer? You can dress up your ergonomic office chair in festive ‘clothing’—drape a Christmas-themed shawl at the back of the chair or add an extra cushion dressed in a holiday pillowcase. This can give your space the holiday element it needs to stand out.

Ready to decorate? Now is the time to start doing it before your schedule gets too busy with holiday preparations. Find one or two tips above and transform your workstation for the holidays. Enjoy decorating!

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