Top 3 PC Accessories to Upgrade Your Ergonomic Workstation

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Looking to further upgrade your ergonomic workstation after adding a new standing desk and adjustable chair? When it comes to ergonomics, every little thing counts. Upgrading with the right computer accessories can help you complete your workstation overhaul.


What accessories can you add to build an ergonomic station?

The options are endless! In this post, we’d like to share some add-ons that you can get to help you not only work faster but feel better while working. Let’s get to it!

Monitor Stand or Monitor Arms

You can set up your computer display ergonomically by placing it at the right location and angle, about an arm’s distance from where your chair is. A stand or a set of monitor arms can help you reposition the display so that it’s aligned with your eyes and will allow you to work comfortably without straining your shoulders and neck.

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A monitor placed thoughtlessly on your desk can cause a world of problems, including eye strain, blurry vision, and something called work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD).

How can an ergonomic monitor stand or arms help? A monitor stand allows you to tilt the screen so you can adjust it vertically. Tweaking the angle can help reduce glare from overhead lighting so it’s easier on your eyes.

Here’s how it works: Tilting the monitor effectively places the top of the display farther from the user than the bottom of the screen. This way, you enjoy a more natural line of sight.

Monitor arms, on the other hand, lift the entire display to a comfortable level. This can reduce upper body strain and eye strain by adjusting the unit’s height/depth/angle. It also helps declutter your desk since the monitor is suspended. 

monitor arms

These PC accessories can help prevent health issues concerning the eyes and upper body muscles.

Apart from using a monitor stand or arms, you can also adjust the display itself in terms of brightness and contrast. A bonus tip: You can install apps like f.lux, which make adjustments for daytime and nighttime work—for instance, it’s important to minimize “blue light” exposure at night since it can prevent you from falling asleep.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Did you know that Barbara Blackburn holds the Guinness World Record for her typing speed of 150 words per minute? You may not type as fast as she does, but in your day-to-day work, what’s important is to keep your hands and arms as comfortable as possible to prevent injuries.

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One thing you can do to ensure this is to make sure the keyboard is positioned correctly. A pull-out keyboard tray can place the keyboard at an ideal height so that your arms don’t get tired locked at a steep angle.

You might also want to consider an ergonomic keyboard. Just like other PC accessories, the goal is to streamline the connection between the user and his work environment. The keyboard adjusts to you instead of vice versa.

computer keyboard


This is important because the “wrong” keyboard can result in injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome due to uncomfortable movements that you do over and over—and over again.

How serious could this be? Well, consider the cost. For example, investing in the right ergonomic keyboard is a lot more affordable than shelling out thousands of dollars for Carpal Tunnel surgery.

Ergonomic Mouse

The computer mouse has evolved greatly since its invention way back in the 1960s, and recent designs have already taken ergonomics in consideration. Like other ergonomic accessories, the ergonomic mouse is designed and built to maximize your health and comfort, to reduce discomfort and prevent various RSI injuries like tendonitis and CTS.

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One of the most popular designs is the “vertical mouse.” The MotionGrey Gaming mouse is a perfect example of a "vertical mouse" in that it places your hand in a natural handshake position to help reduce pain and stress and prevent wrist injuries. The unnatural twisting movement required by a traditional PC mouse can cause long-term pain and damage over time.

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For the most part, there's not much we can do about the nature of the work that we do and the amount of time we spend in front of the computer screen. However, ergonomic PC accessories can help us avoid all the issues associated with extensive computer use such as eyestrain, CTS, and neck pain. Investing in the right accessories can help boost your workplace productivity while reducing the risk of injuries. 

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