Top Office Woes and How to Deal with Them

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Your office, whether physical or virtual, is like a community of its own. You deal with different types of work and different types of people, all while also dealing with other areas of your life such as your family. Given this, it’s common to experience problems as you go about your day-to-day work.


Problems can range from the actual work that you do to the relationship you have with people. And unresolved, these problems can take a toll on your sanity and peace of mind, as well as your productivity at work.

Common Work Problems

Below we share some of the most common office woes that every regular employee or worker experiences. Have you encountered any of these? Read on for some tips on how you can deal with them.

Interpersonal conflicts

You can’t please everyone, right? Well, there are also times when it seems impossible to find common ground with certain coworkers, supervisors, or subordinates. And when the situation gets out of hand, this can create a tense office environment and can also affect a team’s productivity and efficiency.

work conflict

What you can do:

Communication is the first step. Speak to the other person and be as objective and friendly as possible. Compliment the person on his hard work, and then ask if you can set aside time to talk about any differences and how you can move forward.

Keep in mind that it’s human nature for people to feel they’re right. But when both parties share their side of the story, it’s easier to find a middle ground and work harmoniously.

Missed/Unread Emails

Front Page reports that the average employee spends over one-quarter of his workweek reading and replying to emails. A half century after its invention in 1971, email is still a popular and effective communications tool.

email overwhelm

Whether you work in a physical or a virtual office, emails probably flood your inbox every day. What happens when you get bogged down with them? Well, it can become quite easy to miss important emails due to a full inbox.

What you can do:

Always take time to clear out your email, starting with those FYI emails that do not need any action from your end, to those that require a simple yes or no, or an approval and confirmation, and then finally those that require a little bit more attention. Include answering emails in your daily schedule to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

You can also hire a virtual assistant to handle all your digital correspondence. In fact, various outsourcing services provide email management for a small fee. This will save you time and let you focus on other top priorities. 

Low job satisfaction

Workers generally wish to do a good job, earn some money, and get promoted and recognized. Unfortunately, managers sometimes fail to acknowledge and reward the effort of their staff. This can lead to unhappy workers and disgruntled employees. 

job dissatisfaction

What you can do:

You can gently keep your manager updated of your work accomplishments, more specifically focusing on how your work has improved the team, department, or company. Taking this step can empower you to take control of your job satisfaction.

Sitting all day

Get America Standing reports that the average American sits for 10 hours daily. And while it might seem that more computer screen means more productivity, it can actually be counterproductive.

sitting all day

Staying in a seated position for most of the day can be really bad for your health. Below are some of the possible risks of prolonged sitting, whether you work in an office or from home:

  • Lower energy levels
  • Slower metabolism
  • Bad posture
  • Back/Spine injuries
  • Obesity
  • Higher diabetes/heart disease risk

What you can do:

One thing you can do is to simply stand up, do some light stretching, or walk in place every 20 minutes. You can even do some easy desk exercises like chair dips or wall pushups.

Another great option is to invest in ergonomic furniture, which may include desks and chairs, in particular. Ergonomic office furniture help keep your body in a natural position as you work. One option you can try is an adjustable desk, which lets you switch between sitting and standing with ease. Another option is an ergonomic chair. It offers customized support that you can tweak to meet your needs.

good vibes only

Maintaining positive energy at work

This can be an issue in both virtual and physical offices. Growing up, we’re taught as kids to have a positive attitude about anything life throws at us. Sure, that’s easy in theory. The problem is that it can be quite tough in the real world when we’re dealing with stuff like difficult people and tight work deadlines.

What you can do:

If you’re a business owner, make sure the company takes a top-down approach to positive energy. If the executives and upper-level management are positive at work, the staff will definitely catch some of that when you walk into the office or even when you participate in a virtual call. Meanwhile, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself from negative energy. Aside from staying healthy so that you wake up each morning sunny, being with the right people at work also helps.

Just like personal problems, office problems are also quite normal, and they can range from issues with the actual work that you do or with the people you work with. We hope the tips above will be helpful to you as you navigate work—whether at the office or from home.

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