Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Healthy Breaks at Work

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Do you find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds during your breaks at work? Do you consume your lunch hour watching videos to pass the time? It’s time to get up from your chair and find new ways to make your work breaks healthier and more meaningful!

Most employees get 15 minutes break in the morning and in the afternoon, in addition to the usual 1-hour lunch break. But, many find themselves glued to their seats during these breaks, passing the time doing unproductive activities that keep them sedentary.

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In this article, we’ll offer some great alternatives you can go for during your breaks to make every workday healthy.

Go for a Healthy Snack

Perhaps the least you can do during your break, make the decision to eat healthy. Instead of munching on your usual sweets and chips while scrolling on your phone or watching some videos, grab a fruit or some nuts instead.

One of the obvious symptoms of a sedentary life is the accumulation of belly fat, and this only gets worse if you’re eating the wrong food. So, begin by going for a healthy snack during your break. The right food will give you enough amount of energy while keeping fats and calories away.


Go for A Quick Exercise or Stretching

Take things a notch higher by taking advantage of the opportunity to move more during your break. Get up from your chair, do some quick chair or desk exercises and stretching, or even go for a 15- to 30-minute mid-day workout during your lunch break.

This will not only stretch and relax your tense muscles and bones but also give you a boost of energy to last you through the day.

Get Some Fresh Air

Why not enjoy the outdoors during your break? Now that it’s summer, the sun is especially inviting. Go out of the office, walk around the block to stretch your legs and bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air, or even go to a nearby park.

A different environment will do you good both physically and mentally. You’ll walk back to the office with renewed energy and enthusiasm for the work you need to do for the rest of the day.

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Have a Little Chat with Your Colleagues

This works in many different ways. One, you get a chance to get up from your chair and walk, making the movement healthy for your body. Second, it gives you a chance to build relationships that can extend outside of work—some of the strongest friendships are built within the corners of the workplace. And third, fresh ideas often come out of casual and fun conversations, and this doesn’t even feel like work. Who knows, the next big project at work can come out of your conversations by the water cooler.

Devote Time for Your Personal Growth

Do something fun, creative, and meaningful! Read a book. Draw or paint. Or, take some online course and make better use of your screen time during your break. There are several online courses that will help you learn new skills and expand your knowledge in your industry.

Doing this will benefit not only your personal life but even the career you’re in. Expanding your skills will open opportunities for a bigger work scope and, eventually, bigger responsibilities. Way to move up!


So, how do you usually spend your work breaks? And what improvements can you add to your breaks? Healthier food? More movement, perhaps? Examine your breaks and do some little tweaks here and there, now and then, until you reach the sweet spot where your breaks are fun AND meaningful. Take the first step today.

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