Top Body Pains a Standing Desk Can Prevent

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Body pains are pretty common among individuals whose work involves sitting for long hours. Prolonged sitting can cause bad posture such as hunching and slouching, and this leaves muscles tensed and the spine curved in an unnatural position, leading to body pains. In fact, up to 38% of office workers report experiencing lower back pain that lasts up to a year

Body pains negatively affect both employees and employers—in terms of reduced productivity at work, absences, and healthcare cost. And while treatment is available, nothing beats prevention. At work, using a standing desk is one of the best ways to prevent pain.

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A Look at a Standing Desk

A standing desk can be adjusted across different height levels to match both sitting and standing height. Electric standing desks come with a motor, and desk adjustment is as easy as pressing a button. They allow employees to alternate between sitting and standing as they work, so they are able to move and stretch their body, keep muscles from tensing, and eliminate body pains.


A Standing Desk Can Eliminate These Body Pains

Below are the top 3 common pains you can say goodbye to with a standing desk:

Back Pain

Perhaps the most common type of pain experienced by those who sit for long hours, back pain is often caused by the spine being in an unnatural position. When you are hunched for hours or you have a habit to slouch, your spine suffers and this can lead to back pain.

Getting up from your chair once in a while and standing while you work can stretch and relax your spine while keeping your back muscles active, thus eliminating back pain. In fact, research says that even an hour off your chair a day when you work can reduce back pain by over 50%, as well as neck pain.

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Neck Pain

You might wonder how sitting affects the neck. Well, imagine being on your chair trying to balance your head on your shoulders. That in itself can cause stress on your muscles. If you add wrong neck angle caused by improper desk and monitor height, that stress doubles or triples. And because your neck is connected to your spine, poor back posture taking toll on the spine will definitely put some pressure on the neck, too.

Reduce this pressure by standing and breaking bad posture. The good thing about a standing desk is that it offers a wide range of height options, and it’s easy to set the desk to the best height that will allow you to enjoy the most comfortable and pain-free position while working.

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Leg Pain

Prolonged sitting can lead to numbness and leg cramps. When you sit all day, blood circulation in the legs can stop or slow down, so the leg muscles will not get the right amount of blood needed to function well.

The only way to improve the situation is to stand and move every so often, and this is how a standing desk can help. By making it easy to adjust the desk height from sitting to standing height and back, moving from one position to the next is easier. As a result, you can expect leg circulation to improve and the pain to disappear.

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Apart from eliminating common body pains associated with prolonged sitting, alternating between sitting and standing as you work offers many other benefits, including the following:

  • It improves productivity and creativity. A simple change in your view of what’s around you by standing can help bring fresh ideas. Meanwhile, moving prevents the mind from fogging up, helping you stay more alert and focused.
  • It reduces fatigue. By improving blood flow around your body, muscles remain active and healthy. This prevents cramping, numbness, and the feeling of overall tiredness.
  • It lowers risks of various diseases. Increased movement appears to be the solution to many of today’s health conditions such as heart problems and diabetes. By standing at work, you lower your chances of suffering from these conditions.

If you’re still on the fence about investing on a standing desk, think about all the benefits you’ll enjoy both physically and mentally. Find the best standing desk and start your way to moving more and living a healthier life.

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