Top Office Improvements You Can Do This Summer

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Summer—the best time to revamp your workspace! While the sun is out and the energy is high, it’s the ideal time to finally make those office improvements you’ve been planning for a while. And if you’re not sure where to start, we are writing this blog post for you.

Some things you can do this summer to perk up the office

From basic office improvements to more complex ones, the right revamp can significantly change the mood in your workplace and create a positive impact in everyone’s productivity and creativity.

Remove and clean the carpeting

Your office carpeting take a lot of beating on a day-to-day basis, from the usual foot traffic causing wear and tear to the occasional stains from liquid spills. And, nothing can make an office look old than a worn-out, tired-looking carpet. And if the carpet has accumulated mold, you might even be dealing with a nasty smell that can be distracting to employees. Not to say, molds can cause lots of respiratory issues.

empty office

Give your carpet a refresh by taking it out and cleaning it—or even replacing the carpet with a new one. You’ll give your office a fresh vibe and make your employees happy.

Give the space a boost with a fresh coat of paint

Nothing can give a space a new feel than a fresh coat of paint. Lighten the space with white paint or one of a similar shade. Or, give it a heightened energy by going with a bold color.

painted wall

Summer is the best way to do this not only because the sun will make drying the paint easy but also because a lot of employees go on a break during the summer months—coming back to a new space will definitely be a welcome treat.

Rearrange furniture for better flow (open plan)

Gone are the days of closed offices or walled cubicles designed to separate employees from each other to limit distractions. These days, it’s been recognized that collaboration and open communication can stimulate employees and lead to new and fresh ideas. If you feel the arrangement in your office is starting to get cramped and feel closed, it might be time to rearrange.

open workspace

Consider an open floor plan or work on adding flexible workspaces to allow employees to have more autonomy in the work they are doing and in the way they are working.

Switch to modern ergonomic equipment

Put an end to sedentary lifestyle at work by investing in ergonomic furniture. Replace those heavy immovable desks you have at work with modern ergonomic standing desks. The adjustability of these sit-stand desks will encourage employees to move more while working, resulting in healthier teams and fewer absences from work.

ergo space

You can also invest in ergonomic accessories. Replace your old mouse and keyboard with the ergonomic variety to prevent wrist and hand pains, including the common condition among employees called carpal tunnel syndrome. Your employees will surely appreciate you for that.

Go green

Going solar is one option, and a great one. But it’s not the only option you have. If you’re not ready to make the move to solar, you can simply introduce green ways of working in the office.

green office

For instance, now that it’s summer, you can check if it’s possible to use less artificial lighting and instead make use of natural light, especially if your office has windows. And instead of adding new AC units, check if it’s possible to simply open the windows at certain parts of the day to let fresh air in. Also, you can add plants at work to greenify the place. Simple ways, great results!

When it comes to summer office improvements, you can go different ways—the options are endless. Check which one will work for your office and start from there.

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