What’s New in Standing Desks? Check Out These Cool Features and Innovations!

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Standing desks—they have come a long way since the very first one was conceptualized back in the 1700s by no other than Thomas Jefferson. Starting as merely a “tall desk”, this simple and practical innovation has undergone much change and transformation in both its design and architecture. Now, you will find tons of standing desk options in the market, each with its own unique features.

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In this post, we’ll share some of the cool standing desk features and innovations we found, from the basic to the most advanced. Check out our list below.

Top Five Standing Desk Innovations

From the simplest and most practical features to advance technological innovations in desks, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting that we found.

Pre-Set Desk Height

This is a basic feature of all electric desks, and it is one of the key features that have brought standing desks into a new era. Electric desks are all about convenience and ease of use, and who wouldn’t love them with their adjustable height accessible with just a press of a button?

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Great desks offer a wide range of height adjustability, but what makes them really sweet and easy to use is their technology which allows users to pre-set their preferred desk height and save it. You don’t have to manually adjust every time you use the desk. Once your preferred height is set and saved, adjustment takes just one click of a button. Easy!

Mousepad Desk Surface

This is especially perfect for gamers who need non-stop, undistracted mouse movement and response precision as they play.

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There are standing desks with a top that is specially finished with microfiber coating, which turns the surface into an instant mousepad. Imagine playing on your desk with the entire desk surface as your pad—no movement limitations, no disruptions, only hours of focused gaming right there!

Exercise Desk

This type of desk comes in many forms and designs and is a real treat for health-mindful individuals who are not content with merely standing but may be looking for more ways to move, burn calories, and be healthy while working.


You will find treadmill desks and stationary bike desks as the most popular examples, and it’s like hitting not only two but three birds with one stone—you get work done, you break your sedentary lifestyle, and you take it to the next level by adding in extra active exercise.

Smart Standing Desk

Imagine having a desk that can work as your health assistant, too. This is the foundation of many smart desks today.

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These desks can track the time you spend standing and sitting and can connect to your phone, allowing you to set health goals and get reminded when you’re falling behind your goal, or even when you’re standing too long already. These desks come with a paired app that you can download on your smartphone.

Some of the more advanced ones are designed with a training program to help users ease into standing more, guiding them through a timeline so that the shift is not too abrupt and more sustainable, helping users develop long-term healthy standing habits.

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Companion Health Desk

Taking innovation to the next level, some smart standing desks monitor not just your sitting and standing but also your environment, including temperature. They send basic reminders, perhaps telling you when it’s time to drink water or open a window, according to its readings of your environment—much like a caring companion would.

Over the years, standing desks have evolved to become not just a work surface but an interactive and intelligent work partner. The innovations we mentioned above are just some of the current ones, and we expect a lot more innovations in the future to help standing desk users live healthier, better lives.

Have you shifted to a sit-stand lifestyle yet with the help of a standing desk? Now could be the perfect time for you! 

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