Going Green in Your Holiday Celebrations—Here’s How!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! We hope you enjoy the celebration together with your family and loved ones. 😊

As we move into the holiday season, it’s going to be an exciting next few months, even though there might be some changes in the way we celebrate because of the limitations posed by the pandemic. But while there are changes we cannot control, there are also changes that we CAN control, changes we can make to create a positive impact to the people and to the environment around us.

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This season, why not look into developing eco-friendly habits that can all help us make the world we live in better and safer? It’s also a perfect way to usher in a new year and a new world we can all love living in. But how do we start? Read on for some tips.

Basic Eco-Friendly Habits for This Holiday Season

When it comes to eco-friendly living, it’s all about alternatives and options. For every item in your typical holiday list, from food to gifts and decors, you can find a green alternative.

Mindful Cooking, Joyful Eating

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  • Cook and prepare in moderation. Even if it’s tempting to cook large batches of food because, well, we’re celebrating, take some time to check and ensure that you prepare just the right amount to avoid food waste.
  • Compost. From fruit and vegetable peelings to excess food (if you really can’t avoid this!), you can put everything to good use by composting them. Send them back to the earth (properly) and let them enrich the soil.
  • Buy locally grown products. Not only will you be supporting local farmers but you will also be reducing carbon footprint.
  • Use real plates, glasses, and utensils. Say no to disposable items! They’re not only an eyesore on your table, they will also add to the massive waste produced during the holidays. Choose real kitchenware instead.
  • Specific to Thanksgiving, if you’re getting a turkey, choose one that is free range and locally farmed.

Thoughtful Gift-Giving

First off, wrappers.

Well, do you really need them? Some gifts will look just as pretty with just a ribbon in them.

holiday gifts

If you feel you really, really must wrap a gift, ditch plastic gift wrappers and go for paper instead. Or, take it even a notch higher by recycling your gift wrapper from old colorful magazine pages or colored paper.

And second, the gifts themselves.

What are you getting for your loved ones? The key to a satisfying and pleasant gift-giving experience is getting just the perfect gift—a high-quality gift that the receiver will actually use.

gift giving

Practicality and quality are key to this. You want something useful, something that won’t just accumulate dust in the corner, or get re-gifted (although there’s nothing wrong with this, if done thoughtfully).

Get to know the person to find the right gift—maybe a gaming PC accessory or a gaming chair for your brother who’s into all those computer games; a laptop stand, desk converter, or standing desk for your sister who’s working from home; a massage gun or massage ball for your dad who’s always complaining about muscle pain; and a rolling cabinet or an under-desk cable organizer for your mom who usually gets stressed about organizing at home.

Once you know the right gift to get, find one that is high in quality without getting overly pricey. Don’t know what to get? Food always works—but again, find out what your gift recipients like, or if they have any allergy or dietary considerations, before you give food as a gift.

Sustainable and Fun Decorating

This is something many of us look forward to during the holiday season—decorating! Going green in your decorations doesn’t always mean cutting down on your decors, although that’s one way to go. There are other options, though:

holiday decorating

  • Reuse. Got old decorations from last year? You can reuse them and hang them again this year. If they need some refreshing, maybe some paint and colors will do the trick! This is not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly.
  • DIY Décor. Why not make your own decorations at home? If you search online, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on making your own holiday decors. You can even make this a family bonding activity and can involve your kids—they’d be happy to see their own creations hanging from your tree.
  • Solar Lights. If you’re getting string or fairy lights, try solar. You won’t need to plug it into your outlet. As long as there’s sun, you have light!

We hope these ideas are useful and will help you transition to a more eco-friendly holiday celebrations. After all, more than the food, the gifts, and the decorations, it’s celebrating together that will create the memories you’ll look back to a few years from now. Enjoy your holidays! 

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