Where Should the Lumbar Support Be on a Chair?

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Lumbar support—how important is it on a chair? And more importantly, where should the lumbar support be on a chair?

Well, now that more and more people spend their days seated on a chair either because of the work they do or the hobbies and activities they engage in, chair ergonomics has never been more important. And when it comes to ergonomics in a chair, lumbar support plays a very important role.

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A Closer Look at Lumbar Support

Did you know that low back pain is the leading cause of disability in as many as 160 countries around the world? This is one of the conditions that make ergonomics crucial in the design of new office chairs.

In its optimal condition, your spine has a natural S shape. A healthy spine is one that maintains this natural shape in a wide range of movements. However, the truth is that when you take a seat for a prolonged period of time, you tend to assume an incorrect posture—think about all the slouching you do when watching TV or being hunched on your seat when working for long hours on your computer. Over time, this posture causes harm to your spine and your back muscles. You will start to experience back pain, especially lower back pain. And over a period of years of poor posture, you can cause serious harm on your spine, which can then lead to musculoskeletal problems.

A lumbar support is a simple pillow or cushion that is built on an ergonomic chair. It is designed to help your spine retain its natural S shape even when you take a seat for long hours. With the right chair equipped with a lumbar support, you have higher chances of maintaining proper posture and can significantly reduce the unnecessary amount of pressure and stress you place on your spine and back muscles.

However, apart from a chair being equipped with a lumbar support, it is important to look into the placement of the said support in the chair.

Where Should the Lumbar Support Be?

To answer this question, we can take a look at the natural shape of your spine. If you look at a spine from the side, you will see it in the form of the letter S, with the upper back curved outward and the lower back curved slightly inward.

To maintain this natural shape when you are seated, the lumbar support must be placed on the lower back to support the inward curve of the spine.

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Choosing an Ergonomic Chair with Lumbar Support

When shopping for a new ergonomic chair, you will find different options and features. If you want to get one with the right lumbar support, you can go two ways:

Built-In Lumbar Support

Some ergonomic chairs already have a lumbar support built into them. And the good thing about it is that for most chairs, the lumbar support is adjustable. This means that you can push it up or pull it down using a lever so that you can position it at a height that will give your lower back the most support. This is often paired with a wide array of other features such as options in the recline angle of the chair and adjustment in the seat base. 

Lumbar Support Cushion

Another option is for those chairs that do not come with a built-in lumbar support. If there is a particular chair whose other features you really like but the chair does not come with a lumbar support, you can get a lumbar support cushion that you can add on the chair to get the support you need. This comes in the form of a pillow that you can attach or remove as needed.

The MotionGrey SkyMesh Office Chair

If you are ready to find an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable lumbar support, we highly recommend the MotionGrey SkyMesh Office Chair. It has a full suite of adjustable features, primary of which is a lumbar support that you can easily adjust with the use of a pull up-pull down lever. This feature is perfectly complemented by other features such as the backrest with up to 145 degrees of recline angle, the woven mesh back that provides both support and comfort, and the seat base that you can adjust not only up or down to get the right height but also forward or backward. All of these features make the SkyMesh Chair an excellent choice.

The MotionGrey SkyMesh Office Chair

Ready to find the right chair for you? Head over to our chair catalog page to start shopping today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have a built-in lumbar support in my chair. How much should I spend for a lumbar support cushion?
  • Lumbar support cushions range from as affordable as $30 to as expensive as almost $500, depending on the design and construction. Most cushions do not go beyond $100 in cost, and we feel the most reasonable amount would be between $50 to $70. More than the amount, however, make sure that you choose a design that fits your back and your needs.

  • What type of lumbar support cushion is best for my back?
  • Some lumbar support cushions come in a roller pillow design. Others are shaped with a curve at the lower area to mimic and support the curve of your lower back. Meanwhile, others are designed to hug both your upper and lower back, providing complete support and comfort. If you see yourself spending long hours in the chair, then you need a cushion that will offer complete back support to prevent pain and discomfort.

  • Apart from getting lumbar support, how can I avoid back pain?
  • The most effective way to avoid back pain is to keep your back active, moving, and engaged. Try to get up from your chair and avoid sitting for too long–no lumbar support can beat the benefits of keeping your back active and naturally moving. Also check the other features of your chair–make sure you have a stable armrest to support your arms and relieve pressure on your upper back; a high-quality and adjustable headrest for your upper back, neck, head, and shoulders; and good recline angle so that you are supported in various sitting positions.

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