Top 5 Pains that a Standing Desk Eliminates

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Looking for ways to enjoy increased wellbeing and more pain-free days at work? Let a standing desk help you! An adjustable standing desk is one effective solution to breaking sedentary lifestyle at work, which is the usual cause of many physical pains that employees and workers experience in their day-to-day life.


If you’ve been experiencing discomfort and pain after long days at the office, one reason could be the lack of movement and poor posture. By alternating between sitting and standing, by adding more movement to your day, you can say goodbye to pain and enjoy improved productivity, increased wellbeing, and more joy at work. Consider finding a good ergonomic desk for this.

Use a Standing Desk and Say Goodbye to These Body Pains

Consider starting a more active lifestyle at work with a standing desk and expect the following pains to go away:

Lower Back Pain

This is typically caused by poor posture due to prolonged sitting. When you sit for too long, there is a tendency to slouch when you get tired. And, this puts a strain on your spine. The spine has an S shape that curves inwards at the lower part. When you slouch and hunch while seated, this strains the spine and causes pressure on your spinal discs, leading to pain and discomfort and, later on, to possible spine problem.

By standing every now and then as you work, you are able to correct your posture and eliminate the likelihood of lower back pain, including spine damage.

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Upper Back Pain

Apart from what has already been mentioned, prolonged sitting can cause other posture problems such as a rounded back and the hunching of the shoulders forward. These specific posture problems directly affect the upper back, locking the muscles in uncomfortable positions and putting more stress than they are designed to handle.

Only regular movement can stimulate and engage the muscles so they stay healthy and pain-free, and a sit to stand desk can help make that happen by encouraging you to stand and move more often.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Although prolonged sitting primarily affects and harms the back muscles, most of these muscles connect to your shoulders and neck. So, any strain on the said muscles is likely to cause shoulder and neck discomfort as well. This is especially true if you are using a chair without a headrest. Sitting for long hours with no neck support is likely to cause tensing on your shoulder and neck muscles as they try to balance your head.

Move more, stretch your muscles, and alternate between sitting and standing with the help of a standing table. More movement will equate to less pain on your shoulders and neck.



Headaches caused by sitting can be due to two different reasons. The first is connected to the strain that the back, shoulder, and neck muscles suffer with the lack of movement. All of these are connected to each other, so expect pain affecting different parts of your body. Poor posture can also lead to misalignment of the head and spine, and this can also cause recurring headache. The second has to do with the poor blood circulation caused by lack of movement. Blood flow can slow down and blood can pool in your legs. One possible risk when this happens is the leaking of fluid out of the blood vessels and into the tissues, causing a fluid increase that can lead to headaches, among other symptoms.

In both causes, the only real solution is movement. And when it comes to natural movement, nothing beats the opportunity that a standing desk provides in your day-to-day work schedule.

Leg Pain

Too much sitting affects not only the back muscles but also certain parts of the lower body such as the hip flexors. Any spinal problem due to sitting, such as disc compression, is also likely to affect other parts of the body, including the leg. And while getting the right chair can help alleviate leg pain, nothing works better than breaking the unhealthy habit of prolonged sitting.

In all of these instances, a standing desk can help alleviate pain by making moving at work so much easier and more natural. If you are still using a fixed desk in your workspace, this is the right time to upgrade to a standing desk. In Canada, you’ll find a large number of ergonomic furniture providers that offer high-quality stand up desks and other ergonomic accessories. Shop around and find a good adjustable standing desk with the right features that will cater to your work needs.

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