Working from Home Around the Holidays: You Can Make It Work!

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The holidays are here! Are you excited to decorate (or maybe you have started!), plan your parties, and spend fun times with family and friends? It’s a time for merriment, but our regular life doesn’t stop during the holidays.

working from home during the holidays

For those who are working from home around this time, the holiday season means juggling work tasks and personal tasks. Managing your calendar this year will take a bit more skill than usual, and managing your day-to-day activities can be a bit tricky. But despair not—we have some tips to help you enjoy this holiday season while making sure that you are still productive and still able to get work done.

How to Stay Productive When Working from Home During the Holidays

Your household will likely be more active and noisier around these times and guests will drop in occasionally, so planning for your holiday activities must start now.

Schedule everything

When do you decorate the house? When do you do your holiday shopping? When do you entertain guests? All of these must go into your calendar and must be clearly communicated with everyone involved. The earlier you plan it, the better.

holiday planning

Schedule your get together with friends as early as now—plan visits early on so you don’t get unexpected guests during days and times when you have work scheduled. Get your gifts now so you don’t have to cram, and schedule your holiday shopping early. Plan ahead to avoid the hassle and stress.

Involve your household

First, let them know your work schedule and ask for theirs so you know the best time to plan activities together. Tell them what you need during days when you’d be working (i.e. no parties in the house).

family decorating

Additionally, ask for their help. If you have always handled all your holiday preparations the previous years, it might be time to hand over the responsibility to someone else in your household, or at least to share it. If you can’t do all the shopping this year because of work, delegate. One of you can handle the gifts, another one can plan the holiday meals, and someone else can do the shopping. You’d be surprised how most people would appreciate being involved and being asked for help and would be more than willing to take part.

Go virtual

Take advantage of the internet. From shopping for gifts to planning for parties, some of your physical activities might be best moved online.

online shopping

If you find your calendar is full and there’s no space to squeeze in get together with your college buddies, why not plan a virtual party instead? And for gifts, take advantage of online sales and, with just a few clicks, you’d be all set!

Protect your space

With all the activities happening in your home during this season, distractions are bound to be a challenge. Make sure you have your own workspace separate from common areas in your home, and be sure you have a way to block out all noise and distractions during your work hours.


If you have a spare room, that would be great. Or, a quiet and private corner with less foot traffic might also work. Have a good office desk and office chair for getting productive work done and invest in some noise-cancelling earphones to help you concentrate on your tasks. Or, soundproof your space, if that is possible, and make it a do-not-disturb zone during your work hours.

holiday workspace

Bring some holiday cheer into your workspace

Now, just because you’ve created a space separate from all the holiday festivities in your home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday spirit while working. You can spruce up your workspace by doing some decorating.

It can be as simple as using a holiday-themed wallpaper on your desktop or laptop, having a small tree in your desk, or maybe some simple holiday accessories.

You’ll find work to be more enjoyable and less stressful with the spirit of the holidays in it.

So, are you ready to celebrate the holidays productively and with more fun? Have a grand celebration this year, and happy holidays! 

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