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Looking for a desk inspiration?

Check out this desk set-up of one of our partners, Lloyd Carig.

You can create your very own personalized set-up, too! With a standing desk to help you achieve a healthy work lifestyle, the right accessories within your reach, and carefully chosen items that bring you joy and speak of who you are, you can build a space you'll love!

About Us

MotionGrey is a Canadian standing desk company that specializes in ergonomic furniture. We supply and install only the best quality standing desks and ergonomic chairs in the country.

Our products are designed with wellness as the focal point. From our electric standing desks to our office and gaming chairs, we deliver best value by putting your health, safety, and comfort as top priority. Boost your creativity and level up work performance. We want you to create great outcomes so we’re providing you only the best tools to make them possible.
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