Your Complete Guide to Shopping for Monitor Arms

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Back pain? Poor posture? Eye strain? It might be time to get a set of monitor arms!

Our MotionGrey team advocates for the right ergonomics in work spaces, whether at home or in the office. And while we often focus on ergonomic chairs and stand-up desks in improving workplace ergonomics, there are several other elements in the workplace where ergonomics plays a key role, foremost of which is monitor placement.

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Proper monitor positioning determines both working comfort and energy. Incorrect monitor placement can lead to various awkward working positions that creates stiffness on the shoulder, back, and neck, as well as cause strain on the eyes, with possible damage in the long term.

The most effective way to ensure correct monitor placement is to add a monitor stand in your workstation.

Everything You Need to Know About the Monitor Arms

So, what is a monitor arm

monitor arm

Also called a monitor stand or monitor mount, a monitor arm is a set of metal arms (one or more) that you can mount in your workstation to hold your monitors and make adjusting them easy. Installing a set of monitor arms will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It will clear space in your desk as it repositions the monitor
  • It will make adjusting and moving the monitor easy in terms of height, angle, and tilt
  • It will safeguard the monitor by giving it its own space—adjust it when being used and simply tuck it away after 
  • It will enhance the overall aesthetics in your workspace

With all these benefits, there really is no reason to postpone getting a new set of monitor arms. All you need now is to determine how you can find the best one out there.

Three Things to Look for When Shopping for a Set of Monitor Arms

If you’re in the market looking for a new monitor arm, here are some elements you need to check to ensure you find the right one:

dual monitor arms

Single vs. dual monitor stand

When it comes to monitor arms, you will find two common options—the single or the dual monitor arm. The difference is straightforward: one has a single arm and the other has two. A dual monitor mount is ideal for those using dual monitors, such as those who use one monitor for work and another for gaming.

The advantage with having a dual monitor stand vs. getting two single arms is that it creates a neater look in your workspace. And with the right arm, you can be sure it will be able to easily handle the weight of your monitors. However, if you use only a single monitor, then a single monitor arm will suffice.

Monitor compatibility

This means getting the monitor arm that has the right dimensions in terms of weight capacity and the size of the monitor screen it can handle. Check the specs of your monitors and find a monitor stand that is compatible and able to carry and handle them well. 

Apart from functional capability, you might also want to look into the design and color of the arms and choose a set that complements the look of your workspace.


Depending on the monitor arm design, it may be installed one way or another—with a use of a mounting plate, grommets, or clamps. Look into two things: how it is going to be installed in your desk or space and how it is going to hold the monitor.

Most monitor arms can be installed easily with no complex skills needed. You will also find online guides to help you.

The MotionGrey Monitor Arms

monitor stand

If you’re looking for a good monitor arm, we have a great option for you! Check out the specs below:

Type: Single Monitor Arm

Height Adjustable Range: 140 - 411mm (5.5 - 16.2")

Fit Screen Size: 13" - 28"

Weight Capacity (per screen): 1.5 - 6.5kg (3.3lbs - 14.3lbs)

Fit Curved Monitor: Yes

Quick Release VESA Plate for monitor installation: Yes

VESA Compatible: 75x75mm, 100x100mm

Installation: Grommet, Clamp

Cable Management: Yes

Arm Full Extension: 468mm (18.4")

Tilt Range: +45° to -45°

Swivel Range: +90° to -90°

Screen Rotation: +180° to -180°

The MotionGrey monitor arm is also offered in dual variety, with a weight capacity of up to 17.6 lbs and able to handle monitor up to 28 inches in size. Both the single and dual type are capable of a wide range of adjustments to accommodate various working positions.

Monitor Arm Installation Guide (Dual Monitor Arms)

monitor mount

For a complete guide on the easy installation of the monitor arm underneath your desk, you may refer to the easy steps below:

Step 1. Stick on the foam cushions to the 4 corners.

Step 2. Attach part C to B using the m6x8 screws.

Step 3. Loosen the extended screws from Part B enough to fit in between your tabletop.

TIP: Make the gap slightly wider than your tabletop.

Step 4. Use part M-H (metal plates) to fix the position of the metal mechanism onto your tabletop, fasten the extended screws using the provided next key.

Step 5. Identify the vesa screws needed to fit your monitor.

TIP: You may also use the existing screws from your monitor to mount to the MotionGrey monitor arm.

Step 6. Unscrew the screws attached to the back of your monitors.

Step 7. Place the vesa plate onto the back of your monitor, make sure the hollow part of the vesa plate is facing upwards.

Step 8. Screw in the screws through the vesa plate.

Step 9. Loosen the fastener on the arm using the provided hex key.

Step 10. Attach the arm onto the mechanism base. 

Step 11. Use the provided hex key to tighten the screws from both sides attached to the monitor.

Step 12. Use the provided hex key to adjust the hydraulics of the monitor arm.

NOTE: Counter clockwise to tighten and clockwise to loosen.

Step 13. Tighten the fastener to secure the arm to the base.

For a visual on the process, you may check out this video on Youtube.

Ready to invest in a set of monitor arms? Check out our catalog! We have a high-quality monitor arm that can secure your monitor while helping you clear your desk and stay comfortable as you work or play!

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