What Makes a Top Workplace?

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Now that most of the world are relatively past the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses and organizations are recalling their employees back to the office. And with the return of a vast number of employees to the workplace, employers and managers are taking a new look at how to keep their spaces more conducive to work. Elements like stand up desks and ergonomic chairs are just a few of the additions that businesses can consider adding in their spaces, but there are other elements and factors to check.

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To approach this, we look at what makes a good space. MSN.com recently featured a list published by Office Snapshots featuring the top work offices in the world. The article included offices such as the Uber offices in San Francisco, the LinkedIn office in Shanghai, the Twitter office in Singapore, and the Office Link office in Istanbul, among others.

The Characteristics of a Top Workplace

What we looked at, however, are the characteristics shared by many in the list. We’ve noticed three (3) shared key focus, as follow:

Wellness-Focused Design

Wellbeing has become such a big topic of conversation during the past few years, and for good reason. We’ve faced a lot of major changes, have been cooped up at home forced to juggle our personal and professional lives, and paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Now that many have gone back to the office and are facing new adjustments, there is a great need to care for everyone’s wellbeing.

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What does this look like, and how can you promote wellbeing in your own workplace? One of the characteristics specifically mentioned in the feature was having lots of natural light in the space. Sunshine is an instant mood booster, so don’t forget to incorporate it in your workplace design. Just pulling those blinds and allowing natural light in can help employees feel happier.

This also means promoting health and wellness, and this is where ergonomics plays a key role. It’s time to break sedentary lifestyle at work, and this can be done in many different ways:

  • Replace old desks with standing tables and stand up desks, and encourage alternating between sitting and standing while working
  • Position certain office elements (your water cooler or printer, for instance) in key places that would require movement and walking to reach them
  • Promote standing meetings and allocate space for those
  • Encourage the use of the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Form wellness groups (exercise, fitness, and meditation) in the office

Another way to improve wellness in the office could be by adding plants and greenery in the space. Not only does it create a sense of the outdoors, but it’s actually helpful in cleaning up the air.

Design that Encourages Collaboration

Easier collaboration is one of the key benefits being looked at in favor of going back to the office—it’s easier to talk to people and get things done when everyone is in the same space. From Zoom meetings, many are ready to welcome face-to-face conversations and discussions.

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So how can your office design promote collaboration? These days, many organizations are trading the closed office cubicles to more open, more flexible spaces. An open floor plan has been growing in popularity among offices today, especially with the more dynamic work culture these days. Another way to do this is to create multifunctional spaces—designate conference rooms for such purposes as project discussions and meetings, as well as social areas where casual brainstorming can happen over coffee or breaks. Equipped with the right ergonomic standing desks and adjustable ergo chairs, you’ll be able to create healthy and productive spaces at work.

Spaces that Support Agile and Flexible Work

Who says that all work must be done in your workstation? This obsolete way of working is slowly being debunked as new studies show working outside the office offers both physical and psychological benefits, including more creativity and more energy to work on difficult tasks.

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This doesn’t mean you need to always be working outside the office, though. In terms of office design, it means creating working areas apart from employee workstations. Having open areas with natural lighting from outside, some greenery, as well as a relaxed atmosphere where employees can sit or stand while working, can provide a multiple array of benefits for you and your employees.

Ready to create a top workplace? Start by looking at the different elements that can convert your office space into a wellness-focused office, a space that encourages collaboration and supports agile and flexible work. And, don’t forget to equip your space with just the right ergonomic furniture that will promote health and wellbeing. If you’re looking for high-quality options, check out our catalog for a selection of electric standing desks, adjustable chairs, and ergonomic office accessories.

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