Your Computer Monitor: How High Should It Be?       

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Cramped shoulder muscles? Stiff neck? Headache and pain behind the eyes? Apart from checking your office chair and desk, don’t forget to also check the height and angle of your computer monitor. An improperly mounted monitor can cause a wide range of problems, not just in terms of ergonomics but also in terms of eye and mental health.

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The importance of having the right monitor height

Proper monitor height means relaxed shoulders, neck, and upper back. It means protection from eye fatigue and headache-inducing glare, and thus improved focus and productivity at work. But how do you achieve the right height for your computer monitor? How high should it really be?

Tips to get the right monitor height

Below we share some practical tips to help you set the right monitor position in your workstation. These can range from simple adjustments in your desk to the addition of monitor accessories to help you maximize your space and maintain health and wellness at work.


Tip #1: Find the right angle

The screen must not be positioned too high or too low for your eyes. Otherwise, you may be unconsciously overworking your muscles to compensate for the height and angle difference. The ideal setup is for your eyes to be in line with a point in the screen that is about 5-10cm below the top of the monitor. This way, you can remain relaxed while working. And to achieve this, you may need to adjust your desk or chair height or add a stand for your monitor.

Tip #2: Avoid locations that can cause glare

Glare is your eyes’ number one enemy, and it can destroy a day at the office because it can cause distractions and headaches. Glare is caused by external light reflected on the screen and into your eyes. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this. You can reposition the screen so it’s not facing a light source, or you can move the workstation to a corner with less external light.

Tip #3: Position the monitor directly in front of you

This might sound obvious, but it can be tricky when you have a narrow desk and limited space and you find the need to sacrifice monitor placement to accommodate everything. The monitor must be placed at least an arm’s length from where you’re sitting. And ideally, you must be able to face the monitor and work on your computer without having to extend your body. 

Tip #4: Adjust the monitor for proper height 

All the tips mentioned above are generally affected and determined by, first and foremost, the actual height of your computer monitor once it’s placed on your desk. It’s the first thing to fix if you’re planning to improve monitor placement in your workstation. One thing you can do to make the adjustment easy is to look for monitor accessories such as monitor stands and monitor arms. Motion Grey offers a wide array of these accessories to help improve both workspaces and home offices.

Monitor stands. Add height to your monitor, free up space in your desk, and adjust as you see fit—these are just some of the benefits of the Motion Grey monitor stands. They allow a wide range of adjustments to give you more ways to position your monitor on your desk.


Monitor arms. Get the right height and the perfect angle for a stress-free and productive day at work! Apart from giving you extra flexibility in adjusting your monitor height, the Motion Grey monitor arm also has a tilt feature that makes it easy to change reading angles without heavy adjustments.

Proper monitor height and angle are just as important as proper office chairs and desks. And the great news is, there are options that will help you get just the right height and angle for you. You may start by following the tips we mentioned above or by investing in a monitor stand or monitor arm from Motion Grey

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